Foods that can trigger migraine abdominal

Monday, March 10th 2014. | Health

Abdominal Migraine Caused By Foods

Basically, abdominal migraine can also be called as a migraine of the stomach. This disease often happens to the children. It is quite surprising that migraine does not only happen to adult, but also to the children and teenagers. Abdominal migraine has some causes.

First, it is considered to be inherited disease. If parents have historical health of migraine, then it is possible to their children to suffer it. For adults, migraine can also be caused by depression. In fact, children who have to deal with lots of homework and exams are absolutely possible to get migraine. It is due to the muscle tension around the head during the stress.

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Furthermore, this abdominal migraine is also caused by the lack of consuming mineral water. As a matter of fact, mineral water is really useful to avoid dehydration, which is the cause of migraine. Besides, foods are also considered to play a role in causing migraine. Here, in order to avoid migraine, people should know about foods that can trigger migraine abdominal.

Trigger-food of abdominal migraine

Here are some foods that are believed to trigger migraine. First, foods that contain lots of Mono sodium Glutamate (MSG) become the main cause of this disease. It can be easily found in some snacks. Therefore, try to read carefully on the product label to avoid consuming MSG. Besides, cheese also tends to trigger migraine.

Once it is consumed in a large amount, it will lead to muscle tension around the head. Furthermore, sausages can also cause abdominal migraine. It is due to the existence of preservative contains in those sausages.

After you know those trigger-foods, it is hoped that you will be easier to avoid them. The most important thing is not to consume in a large amount. Avoiding the causes is totally useful rather than healing. If you have children with abdominal migraine, try to avoid giving them those foods.

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