Minimalist bathroom designs ideas in modern home

Minimalist bathroom designs

Minimalist bathroom designs ideas in modern home. The bathroom was originally only for bathing, but along with the development of the times, now the bathroom is not just for the shower alone, but sometimes also as a sink (washing hands) or as a toilet or WC (water closet) even as the scrubs. Therefore, today a lot of people who want to make a bathroom comfortable, easily accessible and sightly bathroom although the bathroom is not too broad.

Note the air circulation in the bathroom. Air circulation in the bathroom is very important to note that your bathroom is not stuffy atmosphere. For that, install adequate ventilation so that air traffic to the bathroom can run smoothly.

Use the materials for bathroom flooring that is not slippery. Because if slippery bathroom floor, would be very harmful to yourself and even own family, because it could slip because of the slippery bathroom floor. In addition to choosing anti slip floor tiles, you can also use wood that is also anti-slip waterproof although the price is quite expensive compared to the anti-slip tiles.

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Provide storage area. Before arranging the contents of the bathroom fixtures, of course you have to pick and choose in advance what items should be in the bathroom such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, toothpaste, comb and mirror. After that, order all the equipment in a rack. If there are things that it’s empty, so not makes full bathroom. You can also incorporate a shelf along with buying a mirror cabinet.

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Choose the right lighting. Sunlight or the light is very important in creating a comfortable bathroom. To make your bathroom more attractive, proper lighting is necessary. Sunlight helps you to make your bathroom free from stuffy. Mounting small lights (dim) will help guide you to the bathroom at night.

Layout on your bathroom door. For a small bathroom or mini, the door will be quite difficult for you to get out into the bathroom. Therefore, you better choose sliding doors.

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