Natural ways to make hair wavy

Make hair wavy

Natural ways to make hair wavy. Appearance of wavy hair and a natural way to make wavy hair easily and quickly, natural ways to make hair wavy with easy and simple steps and use the material that is easy to get around you.

To add to your appearance more attractive you try to form a wavy hair, but usually when you make wavy hair that you imagine is to do with going to a hair care beauty salon hair. Not to mention the materials used to form the wavy hair and the tools used to create the wavy hair can only damage the health of your hair.

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There are natural ways to make your hair wavy using materials that are not used anymore. Natural ways to make hair wavy you can do yourself at home. While filling your little relaxing time at night can you do to make wavy hair.

How to make wavy hair naturally

1.Newsprint; The natural way to make your wavy hair is to use old newspapers, old newspapers you can use as a material for forming wavy hair. The paper scissors with elongated shape and not too wide, then roll a small portion of hair on the newspapers. Do the same thing in other parts of the hair, simply let stand for 1 hour and then see the results.

2. Tissue; In addition to the newspapers you can create wavy hair using a tissue, almost the same way by using the newspaper. Cross a small piece of tissue on the tip of the hair and then roll up and tie the end of the last hair. Let stand until an hour ago off, this way is easier and more successful when the hair is still damp or after you wash it.

3. socks; In addition to the above a few ways to make wavy hair, you can also use socks as a natural way to make wavy hair. Roll up your hair in a sock so that the rolls are not easily separated, for a longer wavy results you can pin it all night and for more safe to use clean socks so that your sleep is not disturbed.

That is the natural way to make wavy hair you can do, how to make wavy hair is not permanent or only temporary so you do not have to worry about damaging your hair even make change.

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