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Severe stomach pain after eating

Sometimes, we feel pain and discomfort after eating. This can be an indication of serious problem also just common pain caused by bad eating habit. The most common abdominal pain after eating is the dyspepsia or also familiarly called indigestion which experienced by many people.

The discomfort feeling in which we always have too full stomach and sometimes can cause severe pain like heartburn, vomiting, nausea, or bloating are the symptoms. The wrong habits of eating or may be chronic problem indication can be seen from this pain which happens frequently with worse condition such as blood severe vomiting, sudden weight loss and swallowing trouble.

stomach pain severe nausea, severe stomach problems, severe stomach cramps, stomach pain severe vomiting

Causes and Discomforts of Indigestion

The full-stomach feeling and burning sensation in abdominal area can be the symptoms of indigestion. The indigestion caused by poor digestive contribution caused by bad eating habits like overeating, too fast eating, like consuming fatty and spicy foods, lying down directly after eating, etc,.

However, the process of metabolism inside the body needs time so that by doing those habits, the process cannot be done well and causes the discomforts which resulting indigestion. Although it is not harmful, for some cases indigestion can be a sign of other serious problem such as cancer, pancreas abnormality, and peptic ulcers.

Prevention for Indigestion

Indigestion caused by bad habits of food consumption and daily lifestyle. Indigestion can be no problem but it also can rise to be worse problem. Changing the eating habits can help you from indigestion like consuming proper amount of food and reduce the spicy or fatty foods.

Quit smoking and alcohol drinking will be better. Besides that, help yourself to gain ideal body and have more stretching to help the body metabolism are also useful. The soon changing of bad habits will prevent from worse problem such as stomach or gastric cancer, GERD or other serious disorder. Stomach pain after eating can be caused by lactose intolerance, but it can also indicate severe conditions.

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