The Condition of Brittle Hair and Caution

Thursday, April 10th 2014. | Lifestyle

The Condition of Brittle Hair and Caution. Moisture deficiency and even diseases related to thyroid gland are the main cause of brittle hair. This is one condition when hair becomes broken, dry, dull, frizzy, lackluster, shedding and split ended.

If the hair looks very awful, trying to ask and consult about this condition with the doctors is a wise step and highly recommended for good. But if the condition is not related to diseases, what can be done for the healthier hair? Proper hair care will help to solve this problem and people will need to do it carefully to get the best result of real good and healthy hair.

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One of the reasons why there is moisture deficiency happens is the daily routines done of hair such as styling hair with heat such as using hairdryer to dry hair or using electric hair curler or hair iron. The styling will damage hair and will cause brittle hair that is certainly not a very nice thing to be had.

Therefore people will need to stop the heat styling for hair and start to take further care of hair by using hair conditioner to keep the moisture of hair even if the conditioner will be used only at the ends of hairs.

The proper care after taking shower and washing hair with shampoo as well as after applying conditioner on hair will be needed to solve the problem of brittle hair. Using comb with wide-tooth is a good thing to detangle the hair.

Natural oils in hair care products might be helpful in solving this problem, so look for products with natural oils such as sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and others. Hair mask or treatment on scalp will help too. The last thing to be remembered and done is to avoid tight hairstyles or the metal hair accessories.

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