What causes headaches and stomach pain

Monday, March 10th 2014. | Health

The Relation of Headaches and Stomach Pain

Do you know that headaches and stomach pain have a link? Some people often experience this stomach pain disease when they are suffering headache. Usually, the first symptom is that they get the existence of dizziness. It feels like the world rotates quickly. It will lead to the stomach pain or feeling loathing. In some cases, they can even vomiting after get this dizziness. If it happens to you, you can take the right medication to heal this disease.

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To avoid getting both headache and stomach pain, you can do some things. Doing exercise regularly is such the best solution to avoid some diseases. You can do some simple exercises such as jogging and swimming. Besides, consuming healthy foods is highly recommended. By eating lots of vegetables and fruits, it is hoped to improve your health. In fact, some actions should be done based on the cause of the disease.

Causes of headaches and stomach pain

In order to heal these tow diseases, you need to understand what causes headaches and stomach pain. The first one is dehydration. When you are doing lots of activities, you might feel exhausted. It will lead to dehydration that causes headaches. By drinking enough mineral water, you will be able to avoid stomach pain during headache.

Furthermore, another cause is the car sickness. When you are traveling for some hours, it might lead to both headache and stomach pain. Therefore, it is better to take some treatments before getting started to have a long trip. Also, high sensitivity of sun light and sound can be caused those diseases.

Those are some causes that you must know. It will be easier to take the treatments or medications if you know the causes. On the other words, avoiding headaches and stomach pain is important rather than healing.

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