stomach function disorder, abdominal disorders symptoms, peptic ulcer symptoms, peptic ulcer treatment

Abdominal pain right side is one indication of peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer is indicated by abdominal pain right side and followed with pain in the chest. Peptic ulcer can caused by the erosion of stomach acids and raises sore in the stomach, small intestine, and esophagus.

Peptic ulcer may be not serious issue for abdominal health but deep medical investigation may need to anticipate the stomach cancer. The pain will be sharp and it will inconstantly come however, it will be quite annoying.

stomach function disorder, abdominal disorders symptoms, peptic ulcer symptoms, peptic ulcer treatment

The burning-feel pain can rise from benign until severe pain and will be more painful when stomach is empty. Typically, the symptom of peptic ulcer cannot be seen in small problem.

Symptoms and Causes of Peptic Ulcer

Although peptic ulcer is common, health problem but it can be very annoying because of the severe pain. We can see the symptoms from serious peptic ulcers like nausea, bloody stools, sudden weight loss, appetite decreasing, vomiting, and pain in the chest area.

Peptic ulcers have three types, some of which are esophageal, gastric and duodenal ulcers where the break down happen in those areas. The worse ulcers can be caused by the infection of stomach bacteria, the use of anti-inflammatory, radiation therapy or can be a symptom of stomach cancer.

Treatments for Peptic Ulcers

There will be different treatment depends on the cause of the ulcer. The infection of stomach bacteria will bring the medical medication consumption. For other reasons in which the ulcer caused by other factors, acid erosion so the medications will be prescribed for, reduce the pain and the acid in the stomach.

Avoiding to excessive medications and quit smoking can prevent the ulcers. For worse possibility, peptic ulcer will be unhealed and it can cause of another disease such as cancer. In facing the peptic ulcers, it is better to see doctor soon after the symptoms are found to prevent worse condition.

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