liver cancer treatment success rate, liver cancer cured with chemotherapy, stage 4 liver cancer treatment

Causes and ways to cure for liver cancer

Ways to cure for liver cancer? Liver may develop primary liver cancer that arises in the liver, or cancer that forms in other organs and then spread to the liver. The majority of liver cancers are secondary or metastatic cancer, meaning the malignancy originated from elsewhere.

Because the liver consists of several cell types, several types of tumors can form in the liver. The tumor is in the benign and malignant category (cancer). Both of these tumor types have different causes and are treated differently. The process for liver cancer treatment depends on the type of tumor you have.

liver cancer treatment success rate, liver cancer cured with chemotherapy, stage 4 liver cancer treatment
How to cure liver cancer

Benign liver tumors generally do not spread to tissues / organs. These tumors are usually cured by surgery recovery or removal, especially when they cause pain or bleeding. But can benign liver cancer become malignant? To prevent this, you should immediately perform surgery for remove the tumor by surgical oncologist.

Symptoms of liver cancer

  • Changes to the hands and feet are more and more bloated.
  • The color of the skin and eyes turned yellow.
  • Stool color changes to black, and urine that resembles tea.
  • The reduced weight drastically and even without cause.
  • Weak body accompanied by fever and body chills.

These symptoms may be caused by liver cancer or other health problems. If you have these symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately to diagnose the symptoms. If true symptoms of liver cancer then you can do the treatment as early as possible.

Causes of liver cancer

  • Different sleep cycles. Sleeping habits and waking up too late the day is a significant factor one could with liver cancer.
  • Diet also tend to be irregular or even too much.
  • Very often in taking medicines that contain many chemicals.
  • Often do not eat breakfast.
  • Often consume foods that contain lots of preservatives.
  • Too many raw foods are allegedly able to increase the burden on our liver.

The cause of liver cancer is not known with certainty and medical, there is probably due to genetic factors or the impact of the environment. Can liver cancer cured if caught early? Yes, now doctors still believe for success rate in treatment of liver cancer will be greater if you can caught as early as possible.

Prevention of liver cancer

Early-stage liver cancer is very difficult to detect. So most people will develop liver cancer up to an advanced stage (stage 3 or stage 4). Therefore, it would not hurt if you do a medical check up for your health as early as possible to check whether our bodies get liver cancer or not.

Before you have liver cancer, you should prevent it without paying extra. Simply set the lifestyle and daily food. Maintaining good eating habits and time condition are very necessary for our bodies to do the absorption and disposal of substances that are not useful. Natural ingredients that you can use as an anti-cancer is green tea.

Liver cancer treatment with chemotherapy

Can liver cancer be cured with chemotherapy? Liver cancer can be cured with surgery and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is commonly used to kill cancer cells. Systemic chemotherapy is used throughout the body. In this treatment, anti-cancer will be injected or administered orally. These chemicals will enter the bloodstream and can affect other body parts.

Because systemic chemotherapy can not target cancer cells in the liver, it can affect healthy cells in the body and cause unwanted side effects. These side effects include nausea, vomiting, hair loss, tired, fatigue and loss of appetite. The effects of chemotherapy on your body and its severity depend on your overall health, liver function, and if you have advanced cirrhosis.

Liver cancer treatment with surgery

Surgery is the action that the success rate is quite high, especially for patients with liver tumor size was small (less than 5 cm). Two common types of surgery to treat liver cancer and liver transplantation is hepatektomi. But when the tumor has spread beyond the liver (lymph nodes, etc.), surgery may be less effective.

The types of surgery for liver cancer:

  • Hepatektomi partial: just remove the tumor surgically only (part of the liver).
  • Hepatektomi total: a complex operation in which the whole liver will be removed. This procedure is followed by a liver transplant because the body can not live without a liver.
  • Liver transplantation: A surgical procedure involves two steps. Liver will be taken from healthy donors (brain dead) and then implanted into the body to replace the organ liver damaged patients. Liver transplantation is considered quite expensive action.

The main side effect of liver transplantation include:

  • High risk of infection.
  • Bleeding caused by the inability of the liver to produce new blood clotting protein
  • Clots in major veins that supply blood to the liver
  • Rejection of the transplanted liver (not accepted by the body)

Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive procedure (to kill cancer cells by freezing), to substantially minimize the pain and scarring after surgery so that patients recover faster. But there are some risks associated, such as damage to nearby healthy tissue and nerve tissue.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is another minimally invasive method is a high level of success in elevating liver cancer. This method works to kill cancer cells with a “cook” them. The trick is: an electric discharge through a radio frequency to the liver to remove the tumor.

Liver cancer treatment varies from patient to patient. The treatment approach tailored to the needs of patients and to consider factors such as tumor size and location, stage of cancer, the general state of health of patients, and age of cancer. Liver cancer can also be cure by doing some kind of therapy to kill cancer cells in the liver.

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