How to prevent and treatment of leukemia

Treatment of leukemia. The main types of blood cancer, there are three, namely lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia. The various causes of leukemia. Although there is no sure way to avoid this cancer, but you can still minimize the risk factor.

Various types of leukemia is the abnormal development of cells in the bone marrow and blood flow. If leukemia and multiple myeloma affects the bone marrow, lymphoma affects the lymphatic system of the body. Common symptoms of leukemia include weight loss, fever, localized pain in the bones, and heal old wounds.

Causes of leukemia

Chemical exposure; Exposure to hazardous chemicals is one of the main risk factors for leukemia. If possible, avoid situations that involve hazardous chemicals in your daily activities.

Example that is closer to everyday life is the variety of food you consume. Vegetables and fruits are all developed with the use of various chemicals. As the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides with chemicals, preservatives, and others.

You can get a little to avoid the consumption of foods naturally, by eating organic fruits and vegetables. Although more expensive, but organic fruits and vegetables free of chemical residues and a higher nutritious than conventional fruits and vegetables or nonorganic.

If you have exposed to chemicals, try to minimize direct contact with skin and wear a mask to prevent inhalation (inhalation of chemical substances). Do not forget to wash your hands with antiseptic soap.

Radiation; Radiation exposure on a continuous body can also cause leukemia. High levels of radiation exposure is also a risk factor for common causes of leukemia.

Radiation exposure includes not only individuals who were exposed to radiation resulting from the work (for example, you are working in nuclear power plants), but also includes individuals who undergo medical procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Unhealthy habits; If you have this unhealthy habit, immediately reduce or stop.

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Symptoms of leukemia

Anemia; Patients will appear tired, pale and breathing fast (red blood cells under normal causes less oxygen in the body, resulting in the patient breathes faster to compensate for the fulfillment of oxygen deficiency in the body).

Bleeding; When platelets (blood clotting cells) are not reproduced with reasonable because it is dominated by white blood cells, then the patient will experience bleeding in the skin tissue (red wiggler large number / small skin tissue).

Esophageal infections; White blood cells act as a protective immunity, especially against infectious diseases. In Patients with leukemia, white blood cells that form is not normal (abnormal) so it does not function properly. As a result, the body of the patient vulnerable to infection virus / bacteria, even by itself would reveal complaints of fever, white discharge from the nose (runny) and cough.

Bone and joint pain; This is caused as a result of bone marrow by pressing solid white blood cells.

Abdominal pain; Abdominal pain is also one indication of the symptoms of leukemia, where leukemia cells may collect in the kidneys, liver and bile that causes enlargement of these organs and the resulting pain. Abdominal pain can affect appetite, loss of leukemia patients.

Lympa swollen glands; Patients likely to have swollen glands lympa, whether it is under the arm, neck, chest and more. Gland lympa duty filter the blood, leukemia cells can accumulate here and cause swelling.

Difficulty breathing (dyspnea); The patient may show symptoms of difficulty breathing and chest pain, if this happens then it should immediately get medical help.

Prevention leukemia

Regular exercise; Regular exercise is proven to reduce cancer risk. Exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, strength training, or swimming. 30 minutes per day is a good starting point. Remember that more exercise is better.

Diet; The scientists also noted that a healthy diet can help prevent the development of cancer, including cancers of the blood. Multiply that eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, as well as minimizing the consumption of fat, especially animal fat.

Keep your weight at an ideal or normal conditions. Remember that obesity is a risk factor that can increase your chances of getting cancer. You can also avoid the consumption of canned food. Try to opt for fresh foods.

Treatment of leukemia

Treatment is tailored to the stage of disease or level of illness experienced by patients, but also depends on the type of leukemia. In general, leukemia treatment consists of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, as well as antibiotic therapy and supportive. Leukemia is not contagious disease or a derivative, but the disease can relapse even if the patient was declared cured by a physician.

To prevent this disease, start eating healthy and balanced diet. Be careful with the use of chemicals in food, such as food coloring or sweeteners. Always pay attention and check your health at least twice a year, to monitor the health systems of the body thoroughly. By knowing the causes of leukemia and how to avoid them, you are expected to be more careful in maintaining health.

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