pain in lower abdominal area, pain in abdominal area while pregnant, pain in abdominal area and back

Pain in Abdominal Area during Pregnancy

Pain in abdominal area during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a condition that must be concerned and have more attention in order the mother-to-be and the baby is health. In pregnancy, there will be some discomfort matters and they are actually normal. The common discomfort is abdominal pain during pregnancy in which it can be harmless but for some unusual symptoms, it can be dangerous.

The normal pain in abdominal area during pregnancy is caused by the change of body condition and the pain is benign with less risks. What you need to concern is when your pain is followed by some unusual condition like bleeding or the pain is too severe.

pain in lower abdominal area, pain in abdominal area while pregnant, pain in abdominal area and back

Common and Harmless Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

The common pain in abdominal area during pregnancy varies in benign aches until the annoying aches but they are harmless. The changing of body condition such as the expanding uterus and stretching ligaments can cause the abdominal aches.

The expanding uterus will displace the bowel and stretch the ligament and it will quite painful. The increase of progesterone hormone production will cause the constipation.

The most quite annoying pain is the hicks’ contraction in which it causes quite severe pain but it is very harmless. Those all will resolve on their own with time so seeing the doctors may not need.

Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy that Should Concern

Complications can happen during pregnancy and pain raises in abdominal area can be the indication of this problem. The severe aches, fever, faintness, bleeding, nausea, and other serious complaints must soon get careful investigation.

Some pains during pregnancy in abdominal area which need to consider such as ectopic pregnancy, preterm labor, miscarriage, preeclampsia, and some others. Usually pregnant women will be accustomed to the normal discomfort so when the abnormal matters come they will soon feel different.

Those discomforts can cause something harmful for both mother and the embryo so if a pregnant woman experiences one of those symptoms soon go fetching the doctors.

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