Protein content and benefits of egg white for health

Protein content and benefits of egg white for health – Eggs are one source of animal protein needed by the body. The content of various vitamins and nutrients contained in the eggs very much. In the egg there are two parts of the egg white and yolk. Nutrient content between the two is not much different. Apparently there are some interesting things that we can get from egg whites, and to remember that eating should not be excessive for something that is certainly not excessive either.

Benefits of egg white

Source of natural protein; egg white is a natural protein source. The egg white contained several types of proteins, including phosphorus, calcium, zinc and pottasium. Natural proteins in the egg whites are also good at producing amino acids for muscle building.

Reduce cholesterol levels; Egg whites contain no cholesterol. The egg white contained no fat, cholesterol, trans fats, and carbohydrates. So can the consumption of egg white to help reduce the cholesterol level in our intake.

Protein is easily absorbed; egg white protein is easily absorbed by the body. Natural proteins in egg white is more easily absorbed by the body compared to other foods such as meat or protein drink. This makes the protein can be fully absorbed in the body without having a lot of protein is wasted.

Losing weight; Egg whites can lose weight. Based on research, consume 2 egg whites every morning reduced his weight around and feel more energetic in the appeal, who ate plain bread.

Brighten the skin; egg white can lighten the skin. Protein in egg white can help moisturize the skin and can accelerate the regeneration of the skin. You do this by applying egg whites to all parts of the face evenly and let stand for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash with warm water.

benefits of egg white, Protein content of egg white

The content of egg white

The content of the egg whites are useful, among other peptide substances. Thanks to the presence of these substances in the egg whites, the spread of bacteria in the body can be prevented. The workings of these substances is to imprison E Coli bacteria, so bacteria can not spread through the body freely. Egg whites also seem to be the only animal protein source that contains no fat at all.

Eating eggs when the diet is often recommended by some nutritionists, but it would be better if the eggs are consumed only the whites. Calories contained in the egg white is low enough, is inversely proportional to protein content. With nutrients such, we can feel satisfied in a longer time.

In addition to health, the content of the egg whites are also useful for beauty. In particular, the treatment of facial skin. Egg whites contain a substance that can raise the dead skin cells on your face. The use of egg white as a mask to rejuvenate and brighten skin that looks dull.

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