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What causes of greasy scalp and hair?

What cause and solution of greasy hair and scalp? Greasy heads start from scalp that produces excess oil. Greasy hair is one of hair problems that become a bothersome for many people. The main problem is because it is truly unpleasant to see. All of types of hair can be experienced this problems even when your hair is curly.

If you do not get right hair treatment for your greasy hair, it may cause further problem such as itchy and hair loss. Hence, knowing the causes of it is one of the ways to prevent your hair from it or give the right solution for it. Greasy hair is caused by excessive scalp in producing oil. You have to find a way to overcome the greasy head.

causes of greasy hair, treat greasy scalp
What causes of greasy hair and scalp?

What causes of greasy scalp?

Oily hair can be caused by inside factor from our body. The first factor is the scalp. Greasy scalp has high tendency to make your hair greasy. Greasy scalp is resulted from the excessive production of oil glands that can be found on the bottom of our head skin. Normal oil or sebum actually is important for hair health as it avoids hair from dryness.

However, if it is produced excessively it will be absorbed by the hair. That is why our hair looks greasy. The other factor is hormone. Imbalance of hormone due to pregnancy or puberty will make oil glands produce the excessive oil. The oil production will decrease as long as the hormone turns to be normal again.

Beside the inside factors, the outside factors also play role in making oily hair. Diseases and disorders are one of the examples of outside factors that make greasy scalp. Many kinds of diseases that we had are tending to influence the production of oily glands in our head. Diseases can also affect the production of adrenal gland which leads to production of excessive oil.

Other disorder that attack ovaries also will give almost similar effect to our hair. Another one is caused by the frequency of combing hair. Too often combing hair will also affect oil glands in the head. It happens because when we comb our hair, the tip of the comb will pick the oil and spread it in all of parts of hair. Greasy hair is one of hair problems that became a bothersome for many people.

How to deal with an greasy hair

  1. Make sure you wash your hair properly, which means rinse, rinse, rinse. You should rinse your hair for at least 30 seconds. Sometimes oily hair is actually caused by shampoo or conditioner that is not rinsed properly.
  2. Rinse your hair with normal water after shampooing. Hot water can stimulate the glands that can produce sebum, while cold water can help stop it. Rinsing the hair with normal water can cover the cuticle and reduce the damage to your hair. The same applies to hair dryers. If possible, let your hair dry naturally, or set the temperature to a minimum. Hot air will stimulate oil production quickly and causes greasy scalp
  3. Do not touch hair. Touch your hair as little as possible if you have a tendency of greasy scalp. The more often you hold it, comb it, and even straighten your hair, the more oil produce by scalp.
  4. Wash hair with cold water and use a shampoo with minimal detergent content. Detergent content in the shampoo is able to erode oil levels in the hair in excess so as to make the scalp dry and stimulate the production of oil on the scalp in excess.

The excess production of oil on the scalp would make hair become quickly limp and look dull. This ways on how to deal with extremely greasy scalp. Using natural ingredients to handle greasy scalp is also very effective as apple vinegar, aloe vera etc.

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