Best way to prevent skin peeling from a sunburn

Wednesday, November 12th 2014. | Lifestyle

Should you prevent skin peeling from sunburn? The skin is the outer most part of the body. Although the sunlight is beneficial for the skin, but if the skin exposed for too long by sunlight, it will give a bad influence, especially if the sun is shining in the blazing midday.

This can make the skin burn and peel off. Besides feels sore, the skin peeled also looks unattractive and even cause the infection. So, how to handle this problem? There is the best way to prevent skin peeling from sunburn:

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–  Attention the time

Avoid being outdoors at 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. At that time ultraviolet radiation (UV) is dangerous because it was at its peak that is the sun was scorching-hot. However, if your job requires you to be under the sun at that time, wear the clothes that protect the skin such as a hat, black sunglasses, long-sleeved dress, long trouser, or jacket. This aimed to prevent skin peeling from sunburn. So as much as possible protect your skin by doing the activities in a place that is not exposed to the scorching sun.

–  Use sunscreen

Use a sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen every day, even though the weather is cloudy or you are in the building or room. Choose a sunscreen or moisturizer with UVA and UVB protection that has SPF 15 or more. Apply sunscreen to the skin’s surface about 20 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight, and then apply again after 20 minutes when exposed to direct sunlight. Do it rightly to prevent skin peeling from sunburn.

–  Avoid the objects that have reflecting nature

Although you are not exposed to direct sunlight, the reflection of sunlight has 85% effectiveness like direct sunlight. You need to avoid sunlight reflecting surfaces, such as water, sand, and polish floors. Give extra attention to your skin if you are in that area.

– Wash your skin rightly

You have to know when the right time to wash the skin. Avoid washing your skin with cold water after being in the sun. Allow your skin adapt to the room temperature before cleaning your skin.

As we know, the sun is essential for life. However, you need to consider seriously about how to protect yourself from the sun. By taking the steps to protect your skin from the sun above, that will very help you to prevent skin peeling from sunburn.