how to add volume to hair, make limp hair voluminous, limp hair meaning

How to add volume to hair naturally from limp

What is the meaning of limp hair? How to make limp hair looks voluminous? Has black hair and thick is a dream for women. Many women who have naturally thick hair, but not a few also who have thin hair. Vulnerable thin hair look limp and not beautiful. If you are one who has thin hair? do not worry. There are a few tricks you can do to make the hair look thicker.

Every individual has different hair condition. Some people have beautiful and voluminous hair but some people must feel satisfied with limp hair they have. Some people might feel annoyed and find ways to get out of this condition by using the special hair products to add volume to hair.

how to add volume to hair, make limp hair voluminous, limp hair meaning
How to add volume to hair

However, the hair care to get rid of this one condition is not limited to the specific products but also about how to take care and style the hair so the hair will look voluminous and healthy. Before starting to use those products, it will be good to try several simple ways first and see if there will be changes in your hair condition.

The very familiar thing that is often being done is to blow the hair dry. By doing this, the roots of hair are being encouraged to stand stronger and farther from scalp. While blow dry the hair, try to use the round hair brush. It maybe a little bit difficult at first.

Hair spray to add volume to hair

Hair spray is a hair product with chemicals but it can help the limp hair to get more volume and look more gorgeous. Of course, people will need to be careful in choosing the good one and don’t overdo the styling with hair spray. Adding color to the hair is actually a good thing in order to create the impression of having thicker hair.

Keeping the hair short is something good to give addition impression of thicker hair. In the end, the hair care products are actually not really necessary and trying these simple steps alone is enough. To maintain healthy hair can be done in various ways, one of which is by using natural ingredients.

Hair problems experienced by women not just limp hair but many are experiencing dry hair, brittle hair, oily hair and others. On this one hair problem you can overcome with hair care using hair spray to add volume to hair. Make a hair voluminous will make you look beautiful.

How to add volume to hair naturally

Wash hair until clean; The first step should be done is to clean the hair thoroughly every time shampooing. All hair products including shampoo, hairspray, gel and environmental factors have an effect that can damage your hair. Highly recommended to use shampoo type deep cleansing to remove hair dirt. If you have dry hair, make sure to also use conditioner.

Do not use hot water; When washing your hair, do not use too hot water because it will stimulate the oil that makes hair quickly limp, thus eliminating the volume of hair. In addition, do not comb when the hair is still wet, dry first using a towel to avoid hair tangles.

Choose the right conditioner; The conditioner is designed to increase hair moisture, keep hair healthy and resistant to damage. However, conditioner can also make hair become limp, so the hair is less volume. For add hair volume, choose products specifically designed for thin or normal hair. Use only slightly, from the middle to the tip of the hair. Do not use conditioner on the scalp.

Using mousse; Mousse can add hair volume. Apply mousse from top to bottom hair, Use when the hair is still half dry. Then blow dry the hair, use a round comb, so that hair is more volume.

Gel or hair spray; Gel or hair spray good for add volume to hair. After the blow dry hair, you can add a little styling gel to the hair roots to impress hair lifted. Another tip for hair to look voluminous throughout the day is to use extra hold hair spray.

Multivitamin; You can choose a good multivitamin to increase the volume of hair. Because health affects the beauty and thickness of hair, make sure you use multivitamins every day. The essential vitamins for hair volume are vitamins A, E and B-6, biotin, protein, and folic acid.

Limp hair treatment

Limp hair is a serious problem for everyone, especially in women. Limp hair caused by many things such as improper hair care and oily scalp conditions. Limp hair leads to reduce your confidence when meeting people. Limp hair caused by excess oil on the hair can be overcome with treatment.

Many shampoos on the market can treat limp hair. Usually shampoos contain ingredients that reduce oil on the hair, but be careful because these materials can make the scalp becomes dry. Use shampoos that contain natural ingredients and are free of chemical materials.

Everyone has different hair moisture depending on the condition of the scalp. Healthy scalp certainly give hair moisture according to needs, but on condition that an unhealthy scalp tends to provide excess moisture to produce a lot of oil on the hair.

This can cause dirt easily attached and closes the pores of the head. This causes bacteria and fungi proliferate rapidly and affect glands to produce more oil, oil flow to the scalp throughout the hair through the hair shaft. Oil will make hair limp, while without oil will increase the volume of hair.

Limp hair treatment can be done in 2-3 days wash regularly. When the wash, do not use warm water as this may trigger the production of the oil glands. Avoid using hair care products that can make hair dry. Use the product according to your hair type. Do natural treatments using fruits or vegetables 2 times a week.

Fruits that can be used for hair care such as lemon, avocado, banana, and papaya. Vegetables can be used for treatments such as celery, tomatoes, and carrots. Some materials can also be used to mix the hair mask like honey, egg, olive oil, and coconut milk. Choose a haircut that can add volume to hair.

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