Overview of the causes of heart disease

Overview of the causes of heart disease. The heart is one of the most important organs whose primary function of pumping blood throughout the body. As with other organs, the heart can also be attacked by various diseases, one of which is heart disease.

Heart disease is a condition that causes the heart can not carry out their functions properly. There is a wide range of disorders and diseases that can affect any part of the heart. The most common heart disease is coronary heart disease that can cause heart attacks.

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The causes of heart disease

The cause of coronary heart disease is the narrowing and blockage of the arteries due to the buildup of excess fat in the artery wall lining the coronary vessels. It is influenced by an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, hypertension, and high cholesterol that affects the formation of blood clots.

As a result of obstructed blood flow to the heart that affect the heart as a pump the blood which in turn will trigger a heart attack. In addition to coronary heart disease, there are also other heart diseases caused by abnormalities since birth as an imperfect heart, heart valve abnormalities, and a weakening of the heart muscle. Another cause is the bacteria that cause infections of the heart.

A heart attack can also occur due to very small microscopic veins of the heart. This condition is called microvascular disease. It is believed to be more common in women than in men. A less common cause of heart attacks is a severe spasm or tightening of the coronary artery that cuts off blood flow to the heart.

Seizures can occur in people with or without coronary artery disease. Sometimes the artery spasms can be caused by emotional stress, exposure to extreme cold, smoking, or taking certain medications.

Certain factors make it more likely that you will develop coronary artery disease and heart attack. Risk factors include some things that can not change. If you are a man over age 45 or women over the age of 55 you are at greater risk. Having a family history of early heart disease, diagnosed in a father or brother before age 55 or mother or sister before age 65 is a risk factor.

You are also at risk if you have a personal history of angina or previous heart attack, or if you already have a cardiac procedure such as angioplasty or bypass surgery.

Symptoms of heart disease varies according to its type. There are also many types that do not show symptoms in the early phases. In addition, among patients with one another also have different symptoms. Heart disease is not congenital or medication side effects can be prevented.

The heart is an organ that is essential for humans, because the heart is needed to pump blood around the body so that the body gets oxygen and nutrients needed for the body’s metabolism. Therefore, the heart needs to be maintained in order to function properly.

One that needs to be avoided is that coronary heart disease is one of the dangerous disease that can cause heart attacks. To do so, we need to know how to keep our heart healthy, what to avoid and what to do to maintain a healthy heart and avoid heart disease.

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