The cause and how to prevent obesity in children

How to prevent obesity in children. Obesity not only in adults but also in children. Obesity or being overweight can cause a variety of negative effects on health. Children who are innocent do not necessarily understand this danger. Thus, the responsibility of parents to keep their children healthy. Parents need to know what causes obesity and how to prevent or solve the problem obesity in children.

Impact of obesity in children

Diseases that can be caused by obesity are diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Diseases once considered a disease of old age, and adults, can now be experienced in children due to deposition of fat, cholesterol and sugar contained in the body. Respiratory problems or asthma are at greater risk experienced by children who are obese.

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In addition, children with overweight or obesity may also have trouble moving and are stunted because of excessive fat deposits in the organs of the body that should develop. Not to mention the psychological effects experienced by children, such as taunts from classmates in children who had been in school.

Causes of obesity in children

  • Genetic factors; Genetic factors also are the cause of obesity in children. Parents who are overweight, the child is also more likely to be obese the same. This is due to carry over of genes greater in children (mother or father).
  • Fast food; Fast food can lead to obesity in children. development of technology and the variety of food eaten in everyday life can sometimes be poorly controlled. Similarly, food intake in children, many snacks or fast food with a bid to deliver different types of food that tastes good and fast. The task of parents is to control the intake of food is good for your baby.
  • Soft drink; Soft drink can lead to obesity in children. Just like fast food, soft drinks proved to have high sugar content so the weight will quickly add up if you consume this drink. A delicious and refreshing taste makes children very fond of this drink.
  • Lack of physical activity; Technologies that are more advanced and sophisticated, many toys in the form of games, the Internet, television and so forth that make children rarely perform physical exercise or gestures, intended to play with jogging, jumping and other movements, so the metabolism in the body to not work properly. It also can lead to obesity or overweight.
  • Too soon to give solid foods when a baby; Specially the mothers who still have toddlers or the mothers who are still breastfeeding. It is better to adjust your diet and intake of milk, not too often give formula instead of milk or giving solid food. This can result in too many calories received by children, and they will learn to eat too much.

Prevent obesity in children

Obesity in children can be prevented. In principle, in order to prevent obesity in children can be done with diet, increasing physical activity and changing eating behavior in children. Rules eat regular 3 times a day. When children are hungry, you can give the fruit but not in the form of juice. Avoid providing the kinds of high-calorie fruits, such as avocados, bananas and mangoes. Expand the provision of water and vegetables to children.

Increased physical activity that children do not necessarily in the form of sport. Different types of physical activity that she likes it shows the process of burning calories. Limit your child’s time watching TV and playing with computers.

Child eating behavior can be changed by prevent children from snacking habits and eating high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, ice cream, carbonated soft drinks. Familiarize children eat at home and limit eating momentum taking him shopping. Therefore, the food made at home will contain fewer calories.

Obesity in children is not a good thing. For those of you who have children with overweight or obesity, should not impose strict diet for children because it can interfere with the growth and health. In contrast to tackle obesity in children or prevent your child from being obese.

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