The cause of body odor in women suddenly increases

What a causes of body odor in women suddenly increases? Body odor experienced by women include the underarm odor, foot odor etc.. Body odor is generally caused by the sweat mixes with bacteria, and it is that causes bad odors in most people, including women.

Sometimes body odor problems are also common in pregnant women. Triggers body odor can be caused by infection, unhealthy diet, and excessive sweating. Bacterial infections can be cured with antibiotic treatment given by the doctor. Excessive sweating can also be caused from consuming too much caffeine and sugar are able to contribute to an unhealthy diet.

The cause of body odor that occurs in pregnant women, and it would be very disruptive and cause discomfort. It is advisable to use clothes made from cotton or wool to keep air circulation and also prevent the body odor.

The cause of body odor in women suddenly increases

  1. Eating garlic
  2. Consuming red meat
  3. Spicy foods
  4. Certain diseases

Garlic can trigger body odor because they Garlic contains allicin, a compound released by the garlic is cut or crushed. Garlic is a spice that has a pungent smell, so it can produce sulfur gases that will be absorbed by the blood and will be removed through the pores of the skin. And that is what will lead to a bad odor on your body.

In addition to consuming food that smelled sharp turns frequently consume red meat would also cause odor. The content of high protein contained in red meat will be broken down by ammonia so that the sweat out of the body will remove the smell.

In addition to both these foods, spicy foods can also cause body odor. By eating spicy foods will increase the body temperature and sweat production will also increase. With increasing the perspiration, the bacteria have a chance to break down proteins into odor.

In addition to these factors turns out that a disease that can cause body odor, the disease is diabetes. It is caused by poorly controlled blood sugar so that there ketoasidoosi conditions that can cause bad body odor. In addition to diabetes, liver disease can also cause these patients secrete unpleasant body scent of the body because they are not able to remove toxins.

After knowing the cause of body odor in women, is expected for the women pay more attention to hygiene and health. Use antibacterial soap the best to prevent your body odor. So that the body does not have body odor because it will reduce your confidence.

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