Vegan diet can treat the cause of breast cancer

Vegan diet can treat the cause of breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that is very scary and dangerous. Breast cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue. This is the most common type of cancer that affects women. Men can also develop breast cancer, although less likely.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer

  • There is a hard lump in the breast
  • Nipple shape change (can be entered into, or persistent pain), remove the fluid / blood
  • There are changes in the breast such as wrinkled skin, irritation, such as orange peel
  • presence of small lumps
  • There is a wound in the breast are difficult to heal
  • Breasts feel hot, flushed and swollen
  • Ache / pain (it can also hurt because it’s not cancer, but it remains to watch)
  • It felt very itchy area around the nipple
  • Hard lump that is not moving (fixed) and usually at the beginning, initially did not feel sick

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The cause of breast cancer

  • No family history of breast cancer
  • Have a history of tumor
  • Menstruation is too young or over 50 years of menopause
  • Not married / not breastfeeding
  • First Instance gave birth to a child over the age of 35 years
  • Often exposed to radiation (Can of frequent medical examinations by using X-ray)
  • A diet with excessive fat consumption
  • Obesity
  • Obtain long-term hormonal therapy
  • Stress
  • Genetic factors

Treating the causes of breast cancer by vegan diet

You can overcome the symptoms of breast cancer by medical therapy, but can not resolve the cause. Vegan diet is a diet with the consumption of non-animal foods that are naturally more suitable for humans to live a healthy life. Raw food diet is proven to tackle the causes of breast cancer.

Conventional treatments to overcome breast cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgery such as mastectomy, can often lead to other diseases or even a recurrence of breast cancer. Such treatment will only address the symptoms of the disease and not the cause.

However, changes in diet and lifestyle can address the causes of breast cancer without conventional treatment. Cancer can not survive in oxygen-rich environment, so you need to create the conditions in the body.

To fight the toxins in the body that contributes to cancer, you can try to eat a vegan diet of raw vegetables or completely. Choose healthy foods like fruits, raw vegetables, almonds, raisins and fresh juice.

By avoiding toxins and carcinogens in processed foods, you can push the balance of acid and alkaline in the body becomes more stable. Taking herbal and nutrient dense eating raw food can help cleanse the blood and shrink the tumor in a short time without drugs, surgery or chemotherapy.

Vitamin B17 deficiency is also one of the causes of cancer, so you can eat raw almonds to address the causes of cancer naturally. The combination of the vegan diet and herbal medicine can shrink tumors and help cure breast cancer.

Cancer is not contagious, although some cancers are caused by viruses (such as liver cancer is common in patients with hepatitis, cervical cancer is often caused by human papilloma virus – HPV), breast cancer is not one of them, so that we may not contracting breast cancer because of exposure contact with the sufferer. Breast cancer is not contagious through bruises, bumps, or similar injuries.

One’s breast size did not increase or decrease the risk of breast cancer. If you are a woman, your risk of breast cancer. But the chances of developing breast cancer can be low, medium, or high, depending on several factors.

It is not yet known for certain specific causes of breast cancer. The most common treatment for breast cancer is by surgery and if necessary followed by chemotherapy or radiation.

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