Cause of small red spots, small red spots on skin, small red spots don't itch,

Cause of small red spots on skin that don’t itch

Most people would hardly do anything if some small red spots suddenly appear on the skin. As long as it’s not disturbing, not on the face, or on any exposed body parts. Probably just some insect bites, some sunburns, or it’s just because of the water.

Easily forgotten and easily neglected. Troubles appear, panic arise, when the tiny spots start to spread in such rapidity, in a very not normal ways. Then starts the trace to the past, what was that food? What was that drink? Where was that? What was that tablet?

Cause of small red spots, small red spots on skin, small red spots don't itch,

Unknown to some people, medicine can create allergies instead of fighting it. Not just the weird, alternative medicine, but also the usual medicine like the any kind of antibiotics. There have been cases about skin allergy cause by the usage the antibiotics.

It could appear in any level, from the mild ones, as a cause of small red spots on skin that don’t itch, or mount up to a more serious level where rashes, hives, or skins are stripped. Nevertheless, most of the antibiotics allergy still could be handled with some simple moves.

The note of the allergy is that antibiotics are not a type of medicine that could be stopped easily. Though it is one of the most common prescribed medicine, but doctors usually prescribe this as the last step. The antibiotics are should be taken until the time of the treatment is over, otherwise it won’t relieve the health problem, and even could give worse ones.

That’s why when an allergy to the prescribed antibiotic appears, the step taken would depend on the level of the symptom. If it is still could be handled, then the patient would stay in the same antibiotic. But if the side effect could not be managed anymore, then a different dose or a different type of antibiotic drug would be given.

The cause red spots on the facial skin

Various causes small red spots on the skin, itching or not. We can see from the habits we do each day to find the cause of small red spots on our face. Seeing red spots on the face? There is most likely you think it is acne. But when viewed more closely, it is not acne. If you suffer from red spots on the face, you will probably blame the condition of your sensitive skin and are planning to cover with makeup. Do not jump to conclusions and start looking for information about the causes of red spots on your skin.

There are several common causes of red spots like pimples. The first might be due to sun damage and sun exposure. Perhaps you have experienced sunburn, despite apply your best sunblock. But for some people, exposure to sunlight may cause a red rash and acne, scaly skin (called photosensitivity), and can be caused by immunological responses (sun allergy). Some treatments can cause sun sensitivity.

And talk about skin care products, they can cause more problems than photosensitivity. Allergic reaction to something that touches your face, such as skin care or makeup product, or even your detergent may cause red spots like pimples. Do the test yourself at home with the use of the product on the inside of the wrist or elbow to see the reaction of your skin.

And sometimes it is not a form of allergies to skin care products that cause the redness, but the rigors of the ingredients in skin care products. Possible care of your skin contain ingredients that can strip the protective layer of skin and cause irritation. If that happens, you should switch to skin care products are more natural so it does not cause red spots on your skin.

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