Causes and diagnosis of abdominal pain

Thursday, February 13th 2014. | Diseases

Generally, abdominal pain is common healthy problem experienced in areas between chest and pelvic. The pain can be identified as a symptom of serious diseases or just because of stomachache. The pain has various aches such as dull, sharp, cramp, or achy and the pain attacks abdominal organs such as appendix, liver, pancreas, intestines, kidney, stomach, and some others.

Having pain in abdominal area needs deep investigation because for some cases the minor pain can cause serious problem. Painful feeling in abdominal area cannot be taken a simple problem ignored because it will need serious handle if everything gets worse or something abnormal happens.

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Abdominal Pain Causes

Some causes of pain in stomach area such as inflammation, organ distention, intestine obstruction, blood supply loss for the organ, liver swelling as the hepatitis symptom and bile duct blockage. Besides that, virus and bacteria that infect the stomach organ can cause significant problem in abdominal area.

Pain in this area that occurs without reasons can be the indication of serious matters in which the cause pain is unrecognizable. In women, menstruation cramp happens monthly in abdominal area is normal and it may be just common pain but if the pain seems different consider about ectopic pregnancy.

Diagnosing Abdominal Pain

In determining causes of abdominal problem, before taking the deep investigation or having physical exam, someone should know the symptom types or pains that are experienced because the pain can be diagnosed by examining the pain location and the level of acute abdominal pain.

The pain felt whether it is dull, achy, stabbing or severe, when the pain occurs, the frequency of happening and how long it occurs will help the paramedics diagnose the pain in abdominal area for further anticipation. Stomach has important organs inside in which needs sensitive and careful care if something happen with the symptom of abdominal problem.