Eye train that can improve the ability of the brain

Eye train that can improve the ability of the brain. Eye train can not only strengthen the muscles around the eyes and improve vision, but also can enhance the ability of the brain and perspicacity, also able to improve concentration, memory and focus. Memory of the brain can be enhanced by dozens of effective methods you can use to improve brain memory with different strategies.

How to train the brain that can improve the ability of the brain:

Training to focus; To train the mind to focus and attention, ask someone to hold two objects of different colors, such as colored pencils, small balls of yarn, coins or anything like that, in front of or beside his shoulder. Then you try to focus only on one object for a few seconds, then move the focus on the second object. Vary the sequence of focus and time spent to look at different objects.

Training to tracking; Tracking not only train the eye muscles, but also helps the brain to anticipate and follow the path of a moving object. Hold objects such as a pencil in hand and slowly moves away from you. Focus on the end of a pencil, then move the pencil in a pattern, like a wiper, then switched to the pattern of circles, clockwise and then counterclockwise. This training helps to maintain focus and attention on moving objects and is often used as a treatment for attention disorders.

improve the ability of the brain, train the brain

Training for memory; Play a memory game using cards or anything like placed face down. Turn over two cards at a time to match identical cards that can improve memory. You can also increase the memory with eye train sway. According to research, this training can improve the interaction between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere.

How, in the morning try to switch focus back and forth between the two objects to stand for 30 seconds. For example, drag the view from one side of the computer screen to another or from one side of the bed to the other.

Video game; Video games that require object tracking when using the mouse or the key to achieve the goal during game play to increase the coordination between hand and eye. Such games can also help depth perception and the ability to think and solve problems at the same time.

The best way to improve brain memory is a games such as word puzzles or number every day. Or by doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, and jigsaw puzzle that all the activities make you a more powerful memory. Train the brain remain active and intercellular connective tissue of the brain.

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