Glance information symptoms of stroke

Glance information symptoms of stroke. Symptoms of stroke can be known through the physical condition of the patient. Stroke itself is a dangerous disease that attacks the brain’s veins. His attack was so sudden such as heart disease. To the layman, this attack does not show the traits that are very striking. Many consider unusual this symptoms of stroke.

Very important to be aware and watch out for the symptoms and signs of stroke so that patients can be treated medically. Neurologist said stroke patients could be saved in total if only three hours after the attack, patients receiving intensive care. Effects caused by the disease can be cured completely with treatment. However, workarounds must be no more than three hours since the attack occurred.

symptoms of stroke, cause of stroke

The signs and symptoms of stroke

  • The presence of focal neurological attacks in the form of weakness or paralysis of arm, leg or one side of the body.
  • Muscle weakness (hemiplegia), stiffness and decreased sensory function.
  • Loss of taste or any abnormal sensation in the arm or leg or one side of the body such as numbness next to the body, feels tingling, such as a burning sensation under the skin.
  • Impaired vision can be see only partially or not able to see the whole as a dark vision and double vision momentarily.
  • Ability decreasing to smell and taste.
  • Walking becomes difficult and hobbled stride sometimes even total paralysis.
  • The loss of control of the bladder resulting in frequent urination unnoticed.
  • Loss of balance, uncoordinated body movements well.
  • Not understanding the speech of others, unable to read, write and count properly.
  • The disruption and difficulty in swallowing food or beverages (likely choking).
  • Speech disturbance and difficult language indicated by slurred speech, stuttering and spoke only a single word even difficult to think or say the right words.
  • Being forgetful (Dementia) and not being able to recognize parts of the body.
  • Vertigo (dizziness, headache), or whirling sensation that persisted when no activity.
  • Difficult eyelids opened.
  • Become more sensitive, prone to crying or laughing.
  • Lots of sleep and always want to sleep.
  • Disorders of consciousness, fainting until he was unconscious.

The cause of the symptoms of stroke

The cause of the symptoms of stroke can be grouped into two categories. First is a medical risk category and the second is the behavior of the patient itself. Medical risks such as hypertension, hardening of the arteries, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke genetic congenital can cause stroke. While behaviors such as smoking, eating a lot of fatty foods, and rarely exercise can also cause symptoms of stroke.

Symptoms of stroke that visible

First off, stroke attack came characterized by neurological form of paralysis or simply arm only. Second, the muscles begin to weaken sufferers often called hemiplegia for medical terms. Third, the patient began to decline in the ability to see and smell. Impaired vision can be partial or total. Fourth, because of the motor nerve disorder, the patient had speech disorders. Fifth, patients have difficulty swallowing food and body condition were not well coordinated. Sixth, while speaking was tend not clear.

In addition to a variety of signs and symptoms of stroke, people around you know about this disease by conducting three tests and ask people about the three things, asked smile, raise hands, say something that ends a syllable.

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