Revitalize Dry Hair, Dry Hair with Foods, Dry Hair with Foods, food for hair

Revitalize Dry Hair with Foods

The dry hair of course will not be good option for many people especially for women. Every woman wants to have beautiful hair and many of them love to keep their hair long. However, their long hair will not look beautiful if it is dry. The hair which is dry must be broken easily and they will not be able to style it properly.

That is why many people will try to do various treatments for revitalizing dry hair so it will not be dry any longer. They can pay a lot of money for beauty salon treatment and they can also spend a lot of money for buying various hair products. However, actually they also can rid their hair with foods.

Revitalize Dry Hair, Dry Hair with Foods, Dry Hair with Foods, food for hair

Food Intake

If people want to get the hair which is not dry any longer, they should increase the intake of omega 3 as well as 6 fatty acids. There are some sources of these nutrients which can use including vegetables with dark green colors, flax oil, cold water fish, and pumpkin seeds.

People should also eat more foods with high content of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. those vitamins can be found in rice bran, dairy product, soybeans, avocados, broccoli, as well as carrots. People should increase their iron level by consuming the whole grains, poultry product, as well as meat in large amount because iron will help people to provide oxygen for their hair.

Water and Diet

Instead of spending a lot of money for hair product, it is more necessary for people to drink plenty of water which will be great support for moisturizing their hair. Keeping body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day must be the key for keeping the hair from drying out meanwhile alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. Foods which do nothing such as sugary snacks, cakes, and cookies should be cut back.

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