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Cause and how to caring newborn skin peeling on hands and feet

There are many things that can cause the newborn’s skin peeling on hands and feet . There are many things that affect the environment in which a newborns skin is more sensitive. Thus, the condition of the baby skin is often easily flushed, especially around the cheeks, elbows and knees. That requires proper skin care.

Caring for your baby’s skin is one thing that should not be forgotten by the mother. This is due to the baby’s skin is still very young and sensitive vulnerable to various elements of disease and various other disorders. Sometimes the mother forget the baby care about this, because he saw that the baby’s skin is so smooth, soft and fresh look, so feel baby skin care is not needed anymore.

cause of newborn skin peeling, peeling skin on hand and feet
newborn skin peeling on hands and feet

Newborn’s skin is very susceptible to prickly heat, allergies, rashes, irritation, etc., therefore the role of a mother or parents in maintaining the health of the baby, especially regarding the health of the skin is very necessary.

In addition, heavy baby skin diseases (eg, pathological) originally came from the unhealthiness of the environment and not good for baby skin care, therefore we try to convey tips and baby skin care means that may be useful for parents who have a baby. This could be a cause of newborn skin peeling.

Cause of newborn baby skin peeling

There are many disorders that can appear on the newborn baby skin. The causes can vary, but most occur due to external factors associated with skin care itself. There are symptoms of intertrigo for example caused by skin moisture is too high that it appears in the form of skin irritation.

In addition to symptoms of newborn baby skin peeling, can also appear rashes on the skin commonly known as prickly heat. Prickly heat can also cause skin conditions to peel if the level has reached the stage further and too late to be treated.

Meanwhile, symptoms of disease characterized by infant skin peeling can be found in two types of infant diseases. The first is seborrhea disease and the second disease is eczema. Usually before the skin appear peeling, will appear a kind of scales on baby’s skin.

For the first type the cause is still unknown until now, while for eczema the cause may be genetic although it could also be because of the chemicals that hit the outer skin of the newborn baby. Both of these illnesses are so disturbing to the newborn baby that they should be treated properly as soon as possible.

How to care for newborn baby skin peeling

First you should clean the peeling skin on newborn baby when bathing, but do not do too hard rubbing that can cause scratches or fine wounds. After you clean, sprinkle the powder just to avoid crust or lumps that will actually make your baby’s skin become damp.

The use of soft clothes and does not cause sultry effects enough to help reduce sweat and moisture. And try not to wear excessive cloth or clothing that can make the rash getting worse and widespread.

Appropriate baby powder can also help to overcome the skin of a peeling baby, but sometimes there is an unsuitable baby so you need to consult a pediatrician or medical expert on choosing the correct type of powder for your baby’s skin type.

If the rashes and peeling skin do not diminish after you have done the above steps, then it’s good you take your baby to the pediatrician to get proper and quick help so as to prevent the worsening situation.

Why skin on newborn baby peeling? Not only the hands and feet, but also the face, head, chest, and other body parts. At the beginning of the birth of a baby could happen baby looks peeling skin on his body, usually seen on the hands, feet, abdomen and chest. No need to worry about this, as experienced by the baby.

The mother needs to be done is:

  • Keeping the baby’s room temperature from getting too cold.
  • Give baby lotion or baby oil so that the baby’s skin remains moist.
  • Avoid breeze.
  • Let dry skin is peeling off by itself.

Many mothers are confused as to what the cause of the newborns skin peeling and dry. Of course we sad when we see babies suffer from dry skin and flaking. Therefore, we have to know what are the causes of skin peeling newborn and how to prevent it and the solution. Newborn skin peeling skin on hands, body, abdomen, chest, and feet. Newborn dry skin is usually get better itself after 2 weeks of birth.

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