The story sends a message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Message in the bottle is a form of communication in ancient times. You do this by placing a letter or a short message in a watertight tube (can drums, glass bottles, plastic bottles or containers specifically) and washed away into the sea or ocean.

Usually the message is not addressed to a specific address, because that it can reach any region depends on ocean currents. Therefore, the use of a message in a bottle is usually done in an emergency such as a message for help from ??the ship sank, the ship is damaged, or the people who were stranded on a desert island.

message in a bottle

However, due to the ineffectiveness, sending a message in a bottle was finally not included in the formal messaging system. But there are still many people who take it so far as part of the entertainment, fun and games.

Even the term message in a bottle also undergone a change in meaning. It’s no longer really the message is stored in a bottle, but it contains a phrase (meaning) of a message conveyed through the media, specifically the target is not focused.

Bottle is a container that is right for ocean conditions. The nature of the materials used of glass, causing the bottle is not exposed to water erosion, damage from salt water and very difficult to disentangle.

In addition, the bottle will be sealed watertight and filled with air in it that allows floating for a long time. Because of its floats, the bottle will follow the direction of the wind and ocean currents, to stop when slammed into the coast and inland.

This is not a fairy tale but real events that happened long ago. A number of stories about the messages being inserted into the bottle and washed away into the ocean. A way of sending a message that still remembered in the history of mankind.

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