Types of water that can cause hair loss

Cause hair loss

Types of water that can cause hair loss. Hair loss was not only caused by the use of wrong hair care products. As reported Boldsky page, hair loss also caused by water you use to shampooing. Water containing chlorine for example, is not recommended to shampooing. Therefore, this type of water can threaten the health of the hair. Therefore, you should identify the types of water that can cause hair loss.

Hair loss problem is problem a hair disorder suffered by many people. Hair loss is a common phenomenon that often occurs. Hair loss can be caused by a lack of sufficient nutrients and vitamins to the hair roots, inadequate intake of nutrients and vitamins make follicles hair easily brittle and cause hair loss.

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Here types of water that can cause hair loss

Water chlorine, chlorine is usually plenty contained in the pool. Mineral is used to keep the pool free of viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, high levels of chlorine can adversely affect the hair. Therefore it is advisable for you to use head coverings while swimming.

Hard water, hard water contains magnesium, calcium, silica, and high levels of dissolved minerals. The content can cause dryness, damage, and thinning hair. Silica contained in hard water can also cause dandruff leads to hair loss.

Salt water, this type of water can remove moisture from the hair. Consequently hair dry, brittle and damaged. Hair can also loss, continuously resulting in baldness.

Desalinated water, this type of water is used in Middle Eastern countries for drinking water. However, this type of water was not good for the hair because it contains chlorine and sodium in high levels. Shampooing with this type of water can cause the hair to become brittle and dry, especially in the roots.

Surface water, surface water pumped from lakes and rivers contain fewer minerals and sometimes contaminated by the environment and the pollution that triggers the development of bacteria. Chlorine and lime was added to the water to kill bacteria. Both chemicals that eventually lead to dry hair and hair loss.

Ground water, ground water comes from rain water that passes through a layer of earth and settles below ground. Minerals such as iron and magnesium which are found in the soil it can also be found in the groundwater. This mineral is certainly cause dry hair and less shiny.

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