Appendicitis a problem with abdominal pain symptoms

Friday, February 14th 2014. | Diseases

Appendicitis a problem with abdominal pain symptoms. Stomach organs are sensitive organs in which when something happen will cause serious problem. Appendix is one of the stomach organs and if somebody experiences lower abdominal pain followed by vomit and fever means that, the appendix inflames and it causes appendicitis that there is inflammation of the appendix and it can be medical urgent and it needs as soon as possible treatment.

Appendicitis can happen because of blockage in the appendix and it causes the pain because of increased pressure of multiply bacteria. Men tend to be more vulnerable for appendicitis than women are and it cannot be ignored because it can be fatal.

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Appendicitis Symptoms You Must Notice

The first pain in appendicitis symptom can be cramp-like which can be more severe with time in lower right side of abdominal area. Besides that, some healthy problems may arise with time like vomiting, diarrhea, losing the appetite, lift fever, constipation, nausea, swelling in abdominal and difficulty in passing gas; for some cases the urination also can be affected.

If you feel those symptom, it is wise fetching the doctor soon because the appendicitis can easily upgrade to the emergency level in which urgent medical treatment will be needed. Those symptoms can cause ruptured appendix that can upgrade to be perforated and here is the serious problem.

Treatment of Appendicitis

In treating appendicitis, it will consider the level or case seriousness but mostly surgical action will be taken and rare of them without surgical process. The surgery to remove appendix or also called as appendectomy is needed because most of appendicitis cases will have ruptured appendix after antibiotic treatment is done to drain the abscess.

The eating habits and kinds of foods that are consumed will affect the appendix condition so consuming fiber-content foods such as vegetables and fruits are recommended. It is wise and better to fetch the health care soon after you think you have appendicitis symptoms before it is too late.