benefits of avocado during pregnancy, avocado benefits for fertilty, avocado during second trimester

Benefits of avocado during pregnancy for fertility

Benefits of avocado during pregnancy for fertility? Avocado beneficial for pregnant women. The avocado fruit is more widely used for beauty treatments, but it turns out avocados are also very good for pregnant women. Many obstetricians recommend this fruit as a snack for pregnant women.

What are good foods to eat when you are pregnant? Benefits of avocado for pregnant women known to be quite a lot and have been scientifically tested. Avocado as much as 3.4 grams with the existing fiber will make pregnant women feel full longer. Benefits of avocado for pregnant women there are healthy unsaturated fats and proven to produce greater satiety compared to saturated fats and trans fats in the processed.

benefits of avocado during pregnancy, avocado benefits for fertilty, avocado during second trimester
Benefits of avocado during pregnancy for fertility

You can eat avocado every day. One of the brain foods is avocado. According to Dr. Daniel G, found avocado as one of the best brain food and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Omega 3 in fatty acids and vitamin E in the avocado is proven to stop Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of avocado during pregnancy

Prevents deformity in baby; Folic acid for babies is important in the development of organs. Lack of folic acid causes bone deformity in the baby before birth. Deformity is an irregular arrangement of permanent teeth due to a jaw disturbance that is currently undergoing development.

Prevent neurological defects in the fetus; In addition to preventing deformity, folic acid in avocado also prevents the occurrence of nerve defects in the fetus. Pregnant women can eat avocados as much as half a cup, in each slice contains 59 mcg of folic acid.

Prevent complications; During pregnancy there is a condition of a mother experiencing fatigue, then folic acid is known to prevent complications, anemia, insomnia, sudden mood swings and preeclampsia. Preclammsia is high blood pressure in pregnant women, the cause of high mortality in infants, because it causes poisoning in infants.

Calcium intake; During pregnancy the needs of the body rise multiply. Avocado is beneficial during pregnancy for calcium needs. Benefits of calcium for pregnant women as a substance builder and bone formation in infants. Milkshake avocado can be your favorite menu during pregnancy.

Improve digestive function; During pregnancy especially at the end of pregnancy a pregnant woman experiences constipation. Benefits of avocado during pregnancy, have a lot of fiber because the body requires fiber to digest food well.


Avocado content for pregnant women

Folic acid; Folic acid content in avocado is high. The function of folic acid alone is to assist the development of the brain and spinal cord to the fetus. It can prevent birth defects. In addition, the content of vitamin B complex (B6) in an avocado is excellent for regulating the nervous system in pregnant women.  Adequacy of this vitamin can prevent the excessive nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Potassium; Avocados are also a source of potassium which is very good. Half a medium-sized avocado contributes about 540 mg of potassium to the body or 15% higher than a banana. Potassium can to lower blood pressure and stabilize heart rate that normally experienced by pregnant women. In addition, potassium also helps the formation of the nervous system in the fetus and protects the body’s cells from free radical attack.

Omega-9; Avocado including fruits with a high fat content. However, the fat contained in avocado is monounsaturated fat or commonly referred to as omega-9. In the body, omega-9 serves to reduce the excess bad cholesterol (LDL) is active. Along with high fiber content, the bad cholesterol will be absorbed and disposed of with dirt. To note, 1 medium sized avocado contains 10 grams of fiber / 40% of the amount needed by the body in a day. So avocado consumption can also overcome the problem of defecation commonly experienced by pregnant women.

Vitamin A, E, and chlorophyll; Avocados also contain vitamin A, E, and chlorophyll. The combination of these three compounds is very good for maintaining skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Iron and copper in avocado also helps the formation of red blood cells and prevent anemia. It will maintain the condition of pregnant women to stay fit throughout the day. While the combination of magnesium and calcium will make bone on pregnant women remains strong.

Vitamin C in pregnant women is to accelerate the absorption of iron (Fe) in the body. This is because pregnant women often experience anemia. How to keep pregnancy to stay healthy by consuming vitamin C chemicals feared to experience the advantages. This is not good because it can cause miscarriage, because vitamin C causes greater pressure on progesterone.

In this case vitamin E can produce prolactin hormone. When a pregnant woman is deprived of this hormone it will cause an effect on the emotional state and in addition to very instrumental in metabolism, Vitamin E will provide a comfortable environment for the baby. In addition during pregnancy, avocado is useful as antiaging.

Almost the same as vitamin E function. Not only that vitamin E also functions in the formation of red blood cells. In addition to blood clotting, vitamin K also plays a role in bone formation for the fetus, as a nutrient that must be met during pregnancy. You can consume avocado during pregnancy second trimester and third trimester.

Avocado fruit is relatively safe to eat, it’s just that if a pregnant woman has an allergy then need to be avoided. And to reduce contamination, wash the avocados before eating. Not only beneficial during pregnancy, avocado is also benefits for fertility.

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