Cause of small red spots, small red spots on skin baby, small red spots symptoms, Spotting On Babies

Cause of small red spots on baby skin

What a cause of small red spots on baby skin? Babies have really sensitive skin, so it is not surprising that they have numbers of skin problems growing up. Small red spot and rashes are commonly seen on babies, and while they are nonetheless irritating, many of them are relatively harmless.

You can find ways to ease the itchiness that the baby may feel, but these problems often disappear by time. Even if some problems require treatments, they are normally not something difficult or complicated. Just make sure you know the types of red spot and what actually cause them, in order to solve the problems easily.

Cause of small red spots, small red spots on skin baby, small red spots symptoms, Spotting On Babies

Small Red Spot Types and Causes

When you see your baby’s skin shows signs of red specks and other similar skin condition, do not panic. There are several common causes of small red spot on baby skin, and each shows different or unique characteristics. Here are some common causes of rashes and red spots on babies:

  • Petechiae: a speck of small red spots usually appear on a newborn baby skin. This is caused by the condition during the birth when the baby must be squeezed through tiny birth canal, and the squeezing action causes tiny bursts on fine arteries that appear on the skin.
  • Erythema toxycum: reddish blotches that usually appear on babies as old as several days. These blotches often contain pus, but are usually harmless and will disappear by themselves in several weeks.
  • Baby pimples: just like the name suggests, baby pimple is small red spot that appears like small acnes on his or her cheek and forehead. However, this is a normal skin condition that will disappear in a couple of days, and this has nothing to do with teenage or adult acne problems.
  • Heat rash: this is a very common condition experienced by babies during hot weather or in tropical countries. The small red rashes appear on parts of body that are normally covered with clothes (and where the clothes stuck to the skin because of sweat) such as on the back, chest and shoulders.
  • Diaper rash: this is also a common condition among babies, which happens when the baby is not getting his or her wet diaper changed for a long time. The yeast and bacteria from the wet diaper, which comes from the urine and stool, can affect the baby skin.
  • Facial rash: this often happens on the chin and around the mouth area, and caused by the excessive drooling.
  • Mottling: a type of rash that usually appears when the baby gets cold, and usually happens when the baby is around months old.

These problems are not dangerous, and while you can wait for them to disappear, you can help your baby feel comfortable.

How to Make Your Baby Comfortable

There are several ways to speed up the healing of small red spot. If your baby suffers from cold or diaper rash, get rid of the sources by getting the baby warmer and changing his or her diaper regularly, cleaning the baby perfectly between each process. If the baby has heat rash, change the clothes with something light and apply talcum powder. Clean the baby’s face carefully to avoid facial rash. For other problems, you can just make baby comfortable and bathe him or her, while waiting for the small red spot to go away.

Causes of small red spots on baby skin

What cause of small red spots on baby skin. Cuddle them, nuzzle them, prettiest thing on the earth, eh? You keep on staring at them at awake and in their sleep. Until incidentally, you found a small change a small red spots on the skins. Even one or two would make any new mother easily panicked. This is a common case. Yet, do not easily neglect this.

The first thing is to find what cause of small red spots on baby skin is to see where the small red spots appear. Is it on one part of the body only like the hand or behind the neck? Or is it mostly on his/her groins? If it is the latter, than there’s big possibility that the blotches are the result of nappy rash, happens when the diapers are not changed regularly, and the skins are too long getting contact with the urine and or the stools.

If this is the case, then you should increase your ability to make sure your baby is always clean and dry. And if it’s needed, change the diaper’s brand to the one that is more comfortable for the babies. Nappy rash is a usual case that happens to babies, and there aren’t many things to getting panicked about it.

But in the other case, take a look at the small spots again. Make note if the spots appear after you change the baby’s diet, and or you or the baby is taking a new different medication. Small red spots that appear on the baby could be a result from allergies. Either it is allergy to one kind of food, like eggs or seafood; or an allergy to a medication. If it is, then it’s better to consult your doctor for a change of medication or advises about the baby’s foods.

Last but not least, pay attention if the small red spots on the skin cause another medical symptoms, like itches and heat; or if the spots are appeared coincide with any different symptoms, for example a fever or skin flakes. If these are, and the small red spots turning into something bigger or in different colors, then go to the doctor as fast as you can would be the best choice.

How to overcome red spots in baby skin due to prickly heat

Red spots for prickly heat or sweat on the face and body baby can occur because of blockage in the pores of the skin baby caused by system that regulates body temperature has not developed completely. This resulted in irregular expenditure of sweat on the baby.

Try not to let the baby wear clothes in layers and select clothing from materials that absorb sweat like cotton. Use clothing that is comfortable to wear and not too narrow to reduce heat. Clean sweat of the baby’s face and body by way of wipe it with a damp cloth and dry with a soft baby towel.

Make sure your baby’s room is clean and has good air circulation. If necessary, select a detergent that is not hard to wash baby clothes and keep your baby clothes completely clean. But avoid giving bleach, fragrance and apparel excessive lubricant. Use lotion to cool and relieve itching. If your baby’s skin condition gets worse contact your doctor immediately. You must find out the causes of red spots on baby’s skin before seeking a solution.

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