External factors that affect employee performance

Employee performance

External factors that affect employee performance. Every employee who works in a company must work according to what he should do. And most certainly there are some things that must be achieved in carrying out their duties of employment.

In carrying out this work duties, almost all employees must have a desire to be able to carry out their duties properly, appropriately and effectively. This is because there is an employee who has a work ethic like this would be called employees with job performance.

External factors that affect employee performance

The condition of the family; Family circumstances can affect mood and psychological employees. Inevitably will indirectly affect the motivation and discipline to work. House conditions unsettled, many problems will reduce motivation and ultimately impact on the discipline and work performance.

It will automatically lower job performance. Conversely condition of the house is quiet, happy would provide motivation high, away from stress. This will certainly be a positive influence on employee performance or achievements.

If someone was having a problem in the family, then surely there will be a part of his mind trying to figure this out. including when he was working. So he will experience anxiety that will give effect to his work ethic.

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The working environment; The work environment is very influential on the performance or achievements of the employee. Comfortable work environment, co-workers friendly and supportive as well as leaders who will provide positive motivation in the work. Employees will work hand in hand with great joy. Healthy competition among employees will also color the daily life of the company.

Rather an uncomfortable work environment, hostile coworkers, leaders undervalue their employees it will reduce job performance. Employees also will work reluctantly and not eager.

Having a good working environment with colleagues who are also fun to make an employee pleasure in carrying out their duties well. Will create a good atmosphere at work.

But otherwise if uncomfortable working environment, plus with the existence of a hostile work colleagues then there will be discomfort in performing the tasks assigned to him. So this will affect the work ethic.

Education and training; Education and training is the right of employees to be provided by the company. Employees are educated and trained in accordance with the field will work smarter and better. Every company should allocate funds to improve the knowledge and skills of the employees on a regular basis. Hopefully employee performance or achievements will continue to increase in line with increasing their knowledge and skills.

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