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How to get rid of musty smell in mattress

How to get rid of musty smell in mattress? Mattress became one of the main places in the bed. They become very important for the rest. And one of the things that we are forgotten when we last cared for him. Finally, the mattress becomes smelly and it causes discomfort.

Various kinds of smells coming from the sweat, dust and some other dirt gets mixed into one. After that we will try to clean it using a vacuum. But if your mattress smells go away? It is a difficult thing to accept. But you can try several ways how to get rid of musty smell in mattress.

get rid of musty smell in mattress, Solution to Get Rid Musty Smell in Mattress, remove musty smell in mattress, cleaning musty smell in mattress

Clean the mattress in a conventional manner can be not optimal because it could be less than perfect drying so that damp mattress can inviting more germs. Another way to do this is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust on the surface of the mattress.

Again, it is also less effective because they can not eliminate smell musty or nuisance from the mattress that had not been cleaned. But not to worry, there are practical ways to make your mattress fresher by using baking soda.

Solution to get rid musty smell in mattress

You may have to clean the bed and tried to spray deodorizer mattress, but not necessarily stubborn smell will disappear. So, now try some of the following ways.

  1. Clean and wash all bed sheets, pillow cases and bolsters. Disassemble and remove your mattress. Then lift out the mattress and let the sunlight. Sunlight will deodorize a mattress in a natural way. Before you return to the bedroom, then vacuum all parts of the mattress to remove dust from the outside.
  2. Do you have baking soda? Baking soda is not just for cleaning the nails, but also good to clean mattresses. Baking soda is one of the best materials for removing stains and odors lift all mattresses. You can sprinkle baking soda evenly. Use a small brush to remove some old dirt in hard to scrub. After that let the baking soda worked for an hour. Before you return the sheets then vacuum all remaining baking soda. Add some fragrance and aroma of your mattress will be fragrant again.
  3. Do you have the lemon juice with a lemon scent or fragrance? You can squirt evenly to all parts of the mattress. After the vacuum to remove dust. It is also a very easy way to get rid of the smell of the mattress.
  4. If you do not like the scent of lemon, then you can use baby powder. Sprinkle baby powder like baking soda to the mattress. Let the baby powder left in bed for an hour. After that, clean the rest of the powder using a vacuum. The smell that lingers in your mattress is now a baby powder scent.
  5. Cold Vinegar also is one of the very powerful ingredients. You can make a solution of vinegar and a half cup of cold with a dose of cold vinegar and half a cup of cold water. After the spray mix until smooth and evenly to all parts of the mattress. You can remove the dirt and odors using a clean towel.

If the mattress has been washed but smell musty

Make sure your mattress completely dry out completely become an important part in maintaining the condition of the mattress. Because mattress has a layer in which mostly filled foam. Leaving damp mattress will cause smell musty and dirt easily stick again.

To ensure that the mattress is dry you can do by using a tissue. Press the tissue toward mattress that has been washed for 2 minutes. Look and feel, whether the tissue is dry or damp. When dry tissue then the mattress is ready for use.

Fast or slow the drying process of mattress depends on the material, ranging from the layers until filling it. Washing process and materials used for cleaning also vary, depending on the material. It’s good for the mattress with high-quality materials to use professional services in cleaning mattress.

Regularly washing your sheets and mattress to remove the musty smell, and dry your mattress every week is one of the best ways to ensure mattress stays clean, fresh and free of dust. Every time you change the bed linen, open a window or door so fresh air circulation.

Wherever possible use both sides of your mattress balanced and also wipe both sides with a vacuum cleaner. Sunning mattress in the sun will be profitable and good for mattress. If perhaps you do not have time to turn around and use both sides of mattress, try to at least do it four times a year.

Do you have tried all the way? Maybe you are not getting the most because the smell is very severe. But just maybe, your mattress contains many bacteria are left behind so long become very smelly. To get maximum results then you can use special disinfectant for the mattress.

The spray material evenly and then dry with a vacuum and use high temperature. It is only the few minor ways how to get rid of musty smell in mattress? If you do not get the desired results, then you can repeat several times.

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