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How to make a papaya mask for facial skin care

For facial treatment with natural ingredients can use papaya facial. How to make a facial mask for skin care with papaya? Papaya is a fruit with multiple benefits. For hundreds of years, the benefits of papaya fruit for health and beauty skin care has been perceived by the world community.

Papaya is known for its benefits of improving the color and texture of the skin. Not only that, consuming papaya fruit is also able to improve blood circulation that will improve the health and freshness of the skin. Papaya fruit is generally good for the skin rejuvenation process, overcoming dull skin, remove the stains on the face due to exposure to sunlight, softens the skin, thus creating a healthier skin look.

facial skin problems, facial skin care for men, facial skin care routine, natural skin care, skin care home remedy, at home skin care
How to make a papaya mask for facial skin care

Benefits of papaya fruit is not only obtained by eating papaya fruit alone. One way that can be done to get the benefits of the fruit is to use a papaya facial. Papaya facial is useful to lighten the skin, reduce acne, and remove dark spots on the face.

The benefits of papaya facial

  • To get rid of acne
  • To moisturize the skin due to age
  • To lighten the face and shrink the pores
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin

The content of enzymes in papaya serves to remove and block all forms of free radicals present on the face. Papaya can also heal skin burning because overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Enzymes in papaya are useful as anti-bacteria that kills bacteria in the face.

A dirty face causes dead skin cells. For that, mix papaya with yoghurt will make our skin more clean again. Due to the presence of lactic acid content with the same function in yoghurt. Sensitive skin makes us not to be careless in using facial cleaning. For that we can use natural ingredients facial skin. By adding papaya with lemon, then you can overcome dry skin and match with sensitive skin.

In addition to dry skin, papaya facial can also be lightening on your face. Dull skin added with dark spots on the face can reduce the beauty of facial skin. Combine papaya fruit with milk or honey so dark spots on the skin gradually disappear. Of course with the care and use of masks on a regular basis so that the maximum results.

Facial with papaya is good for beauty. The fruit is nutritious for the skin, but how to make the mask may not have been too much discussed. For those of you who are interested in using this fruit as a natural way of skin care, here’s how to make a papaya facial at home:

How to make a papaya mask for facial skin care

  1. Choosing a ripe papaya, peeled, wash, and cut into small pieces to taste.
  2. Enter in a blender, and blend until completely smooth. Do not add water because papaya fruit contains enough water.
  3. Apply papaya paste directly to the skin of the face and neck evenly without the addition of other materials. The effect of this mask is to soothe and refresh tired skin.
  4. To soften and smooth the skin, add a little honey to the paste of papaya. Apply it evenly on the skin of the face and neck. Besides being able to make your skin smooth and soft, this mask also serves to clean the stain on the face. To cope with dull skin, add the lime juice.
  5. In order for absorption of enzymes can be optimized, use your fingertips to gently massage the skin with a circular motion about 3 minutes.
  6. Leave the mask on the skin until dry (about 10-15 minutes). After that, use warm water to clean it. Dry your skin by patting him gently with a towel (do not rub). Do not also use a cream or make-up afterwards, let the skin in a natural state for at least 5-6 hours.

After knowing all the benefits of a papaya facial. It is necessary and very important for us to know how to make papaya mask properly. By knowing it, we can make it yourself at home and feel the benefits of the papaya facial.

Taking care of skin in a natural way can be done in various ways. Papaya is one fruit that can be used to make home remedies. How to care for facial skin using natural ingredients is easier to do. Papaya facial is one of the natural ways you can do at home.

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