Vitamin C may reduce the risk of gout

Vitamin C may reduce the risk of gout. Generally attacked gout are men, whereas in women the percentage is small and only appear after menopause. Uric acid levels of men tends to increase with increasing age. In women, the increase was started since menopause. Everyone has uric acid in the body, because in any normal metabolism of uric acid produced. While the trigger is food and other compounds that contain lots of purines.

Food sources of animal products usually contain high purines. Products containing high purine foods is not good for certain people, who have impaired uric acid. If you eat these foods without calculation, the amount of purines in the body can pass through normal limits.

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Some foods and drinks that are known to increase levels of uric acid are hearing fish, eggs, and organ meats. Hearing fish or similar fish (sardines), and the innards are a potential source of compounds. Classified as offal is not only intestinal but all other parts contained in the stomach of animals such as the liver, heart, tripe, and spleen.

Consumption of offal aggravate the enzyme hypoxanthine for purine process. As a result, much of the rest of uric acid in the blood, in the form of granules and accumulate around the joints, causing painful feeling. Offal is indeed one tantalizing dishes. But one of the effects, if the body of excess purine compounds it will experience pain in the joints.

Causes of gout

Gout is classified into primary gout and secondary gout. In primary gout, the cause is unknown (idiopathic). Presumably relates to a combination of genetic factors and hormonal factors that cause metabolic disorders that can lead to increased production of uric acid or it could be caused by the reduction in spending uric acid from the body.

Secondary gout is caused partly because of increased production of uric acid as nutrients, that eating foods with a high purine content. Purine are one of the organic bases compounds that make up the nucleic acid (acid of the cell nucleus) and are included in the group of amino acids, the building-blocks of proteins.

Increased production of uric acid can also be due to diseases of the blood (bone marrow disease, polycythemia), drugs (drugs for cancer, vitamin B12). Other causes are obesity (overweight), skin diseases (psoriasis), high levels of triglycerides. In patients with uncontrolled diabetes are common to both levels of ketone bodies (waste product of fat metabolism) are rising. Ketone bodies were elevated will cause elevated uric acid also.

Reduce the risk of gout using vitamin c

Gout is a type of arthritis that attacks only men. Disease that causes joint pain can actually be prevented by taking enough vitamin C. Consuming at least 1500 mg of vitamin C per day can reduce the risk of gout. Actual daily intake of vitamin C recommended is about 500 mg, but doses up to 2000 mg is considered safe. Even so, not everyone can withstand high doses of vitamin C because it can irritate the stomach.

Previous studies show opposites between vitamin C and uric acid levels in the blood. Yet some doctors claimed not clear how vitamin C can prevent gout. As expected, when the levels of vitamin C added, the risk of getting gout dropped. Best sources of vitamin C are vegetables and fruits. Fruits are high in vitamin C include kiwi, oranges, peppers, tomatoes, and much more.

One cause of increased levels of uric acid is diet. Certain foods, especially fatty foods, many containing purine, a chemical in the blood turn into uric acid. Gout is also associated with certain conditions, such as kidney disease. In addition, many drugs that can make increased uric acid levels.

As a precautionary measure gout, we can start by considering the intake of food we consume daily. By avoiding foods cause gout can at least reduce the amount of purines in the body to remain normal.

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