What causes headaches in the back of head

Monday, July 14th 2014. | Diseases

Treating headaches can not be directly done, you have to know the cause. Then what is the cause of headaches in the back of head. Headache in the back of head indeed one disease that affects many people and the disease usually arises because the symptoms of other diseases. Indeed, most of these diseases are not dangerous but you also can not ignore it and it would be better if you handle it right away. However, before addressing, you must know some things that cause of headaches in the back of head.

Headache is also known as cephalalgia which is defined as pain in the head. This occurs when a nociceptors in the head, ie sensory neurons respond to pain. Of these receptors there will be pain in the head resulting from stimuli such as muscle tension, stress, or dilated veins. The pain is felt when the receptors send messages to the nerve cells in the brain.

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Earlier, we will explain the cause of headaches in the back of head. Basically headaches are classified into two: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headache is one of the diseases for which the cause is not an underlying condition while secondary headaches are caused by a medical condition that is being experienced.

There are several things that cause headaches and for the rear, if you want to know or you are currently experiencing headaches, please see the description below.

Causes of headaches in the back of head

  • Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headache is caused by a disturbance in the neck and included in secondary headaches. For these disorders are classified into myogenic headaches and also vertebrogenic. As the name suggests, that vertebrogenic headaches caused at the spinal joints in the neck experienced dysfunctional. As for myogenic headaches caused by tension in the neck muscles. Other causes of a headache at the back as well as posture, stress and disorders of the spine.

  • Tension

Headache the back of head is generally arises when the muscles in the neck and shoulder also feels so tight. The tight muscles due to several things, among them are due to stress, lack of sleep, sleep position is wrong, anxiety, toothache and so forth.

Having understood some of the things that cause interference head, you also can choose the appropriate steps to overcome or avoid it. Generally headache is preceded by a bad taste at the back of head and even up to spread forward or perhaps even to the spine. This will make you less comfortable in doing all the activities.

Well, for that, you should soon be overcome with pressing the emergence of stress, lots of rest, exercise and when you headaches too excessive, you can perform a medical examination to determine the cause of headaches the back of head, making it more reliable. Because in some cases, headaches may also appear as a dangerous disease, such as tumors.

Well, that’s the explanation that can be given as to the cause of headaches the back of head. Hopefully can provide benefits and reference material for causes of headaches the back of head.