Causes and how to prevent eye irritation in children

Prevent eye irritation in children

How to prevent eye irritation in children | Eye irritation is a common problem experienced by everyone and all ages. Eye irritation can also occur in children. Such as itching, burning, or painful irritation in the eyes. Common symptoms associated with eye irritation are itching, redness, pain, swelling, tearing, burning, fatigue, blurred vision and so much more. In this situation often feel as though there was something in his eyes.

Several conditions can cause eye irritation and require immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist. But there is also no need of medical treatment and can be cured by itself. But if you’ve ever suffered from eye irritation condition, you should avoid rubbing your eyes, avoid using eye makeup and you also have to protect eyes from dust.

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Cause and measures to prevent eye irritation

  • Foreign particles in the eyes; If something like dust particles or eye makeup is in your eyes, it can cause eye irritation. Then you have to wash it with cold tap water without rubbing your eyes.
  • Dry eye syndrome; The use of computers constantly, hormonal changes, the use of contact lenses, dry atmospheric conditions, certain medications and cigarette smoke led to a situation where the tear glands do not produce sufficient amounts or quality of tears to keep the humidity levels in the eye, resulting in dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome also causes eye irritation and if left untreated can lead to blurred vision and infection. In this situation, you should visit the eye doctor, who will probably give you a prescription lubricant gel or ointment to keep the moisture level is right in your eyes. Dry eye syndrome can not be cured but can be treated by using an external lubrication or using surgical methods. However, in most cases, the problem of dry eye syndrome itself can be avoided by regular breaks and try to frequently blink your eyes while working.
  • Infections and allergies; Eye irritation may very often make the whites of your eyes (sclera) become red and in case if you have other symptoms of eye irritation as well, you might have known infection known as conjunctivitis. Although allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious because it is caused by a virus. Similarly, eye irritation can be caused by allergies. People may have foreign particles allergies, smoke allergies or seasonal allergies, so the eyes become red. Optometrists prescribe medications or eye drops should be used if necessary to maintain this condition.
  • Sub-conjunctival bleeding; Sub-conjunctival bleeding is a condition caused by a ruptured vein in the tissue that covers the sclera. It makes the eyes look red and really scary.
  • Injury; In case of eye injuries, eyes can become red, swollen and painful. Injuries to the eye are very dangerous and require immediate consultation with your eye doctor. To move faster, maybe you can use an ice pack on your eyes.

Tips to avoid eye irritation

  • Do not touching or rubbing the eyes with dirty hands and avoid touching those items that are affected by eye disease because it can pass on diseases of the eye.
  • Avoid sharing contact lenses, glasses, towels, handkerchiefs and eye makeup with others.
  • Using eye protection such as goggles if you are in a risk of causing eye pain or riding a motorcycle in order to avoid the eyes from dirt and dust.
  • Wearing eye protection when working with chemicals.
  • Attention to hygiene of contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Symptoms of mild irritation is common and not considered a problem. In normal conditions, when there is a stimulus or threat, eye will blinks, her eyelids shut and tears out. Thus, the body has defense mechanisms spontaneous. Tears also serves as an antiseptic for eye organ. A few information from about eye irritation, may be useful.

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