Depression during pregnancy can affect child development

Causes of depression during pregnancy

Causes of depression in pregnant women can caused by many things. First, there are hormonal changes that affect the overall mood of the mother so that the mother often feels irritated, bored, or sad. Other causes is physical state changing the during pregnancy, before a certain gestational age will experience difficulty to sleep. This would cause the next day feeling very tired, there are dark circles on the eyes, face and skin becomes dull.

The existence of problems in the uterus such as the uterus is weak, frequent vomiting in early gynecologic and other problems can also cause depression. Mom would constantly worrying baby and this will make him feel depressed. Depression can also be experienced after the mother gave birth.

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Symptoms of depression in pregnant women

Very important to keep pregnant mothers not to get depressed because this will give a lot of influence on the development of the child. According to the research he has done. He found that children born to mothers who experience depression during pregnancy will have higher levels of stress hormones, brain activity that is sensitive to depression showed little expression, and depressive symptoms, such as trouble eating and sleeping.

The impact on the child if the mother is depressed during pregnancy

Harmful or depressive symptoms in newborns if not treated, the child develops into an unhappy child. They are hard to learn to walk, and underweight, and not responsive to other people. If the situation is still not insurmountable, the child will grow into a toddler who is depressed. When starting school they are having behavioral problems, such as aggressive and easily stressed.

Addressing maternal depression and child should get the help of professionals. Consult with a pediatrician and a child psychologist. The sooner help is given the more likely the child will grow up normal. Other therapies, such as massage, also proved to be good for depression, both for children and mothers. But, it must be under the supervision of a physician.

Importantly, this recovery effort should be made to the mother and baby. Do not just babies who were treated, while the mother is left gets dragged into a depression or vice versa. Mother and baby need to together to overcome depression. Dad also had an active role in helping this healing.

That is why, the role of the husband to the mother is pregnant and postpartum. Pregnant women should get the maximum support from the husband. Spousal support can be demonstrated in various ways, such as giving peace to the wife, help most wives work or even just give a light massage when the wife felt sore. Hopefully, with the total support of her husband, a wife can get through the pregnancy with a sense of excitement and avoid depression.

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