Dragon fruit health benefits for pregnant women

Saturday, February 15th 2014. | Health

Some fruits are highly needed by pregnant women to keep health. One of the pieces that are useful for pregnant women is dragon fruit, Dragon fruit is beneficial for pregnant women so pregnant women need care to maintain their health. Dragon fruit is composed of 3 types of fruit, fill fruit color white with yellow skin, red fruit with red skin, white fruit with red skin.

This article discusses the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women. As is known, the dragon fruit contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals are very efficacious to maintain health and beauty. Dragon fruit is also very good for consumption by pregnant women due to the benefits of the fruit said to be comparable to apples.

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The content of dragon fruit is beneficial for pregnant women

Lycopene content of dragon fruit is high, which is a very strong compound to combat heart disease and cancer. In addition, lycopene is also effective for lowering blood pressure. Dragon fruit also contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, and folic acid which is very good for pregnant women. Folic acid deficiency is known can cause birth babies experiencing neurological defects.

Carbohydrates contained in dragon fruit is also very useful to overcome fatigue in pregnant women. High calcium content which is very good for helping bone formation in the fetus. While protein, potassium, and iron will increase the durability of the pregnant woman to disease.

The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women

Energy sources; Women who are pregnant certainly need enough energy in living their days. This is because in pregnant women should share the nutrients with the fetus. The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women in this case as a good source of energy because in the 100 grams of dragon fruit contains about 9 to 14 grams of carbohydrates. By regularly consuming dragon fruit, it will provide energy and stamina for pregnant women.

Prevent and overcome anemia; Consumption of dragon fruit during pregnancy can also prevent and overcome anemia. As we know, that when pregnant is susceptible to anemia. With dragon fruit consumption on a regular basis then pregnant women can avoid anemia because dragon fruit is rich in iron as the main constituent of red blood cells. In addition to preventing anemia in pregnant women, the iron content can also facilitate the supply of oxygen to the fetus, prevent blood disorders in the fetus, and improve fetal brain intelligence.

Facilitate digestion; The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women are also able to facilitate digestion. Because of hormonal influences and fetal pressure, making pregnant women susceptible to constipation. Therefore pregnant women should consume lots of foods that contain fiber, and dragon fruit is serves to promote digestion while maintaining intestinal health.

Improve immunity; Dragon fruit is a fruit that has high doses of vitamin C. Therefore pregnant women are encouraged to consume this fruit because it is beneficial to enhance immunity. With increased immunity in pregnant women can be protected from various diseases and can also protect the fetus from bacterial infections, viruses, and various germs.

Preventing miscarriage and premature birth; The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women the next is that can prevent miscarriage and premature birth. Miscarriage is a very feared by pregnant women who are usually prone to occur in early pregnancy or the first trimester. In addition to miscarriage, premature birth also a pretty dangerous thing because it can cause various health problems in infants can even threaten the safety of babies. Consuming dragon fruit can reduce the risk because it contains a lot of folic acid that plays a role to strengthen the fetus, as well as prevent miscarriage and premature birth.

Maintaining stability of blood pressure and blood sugar; High blood pressure and blood sugar during pregnancy can cause pregnant women to have severe pre-eclampsia that are very dangerous for the pregnant women and the fetus she contains. Therefore, the consumption of dragon fruit can be useful to maintain the stability of blood pressure and blood sugar so that pregnant women can avoid complications of pregnancy.

Helps fetal development and growth; One of the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women is very important is to assist the development of the fetus. This is so that the baby is born under normal circumstances, avoid the disability, and later have a healthy growth.

Pregnant women is highly recommended to increase the intake of fruit consumption. For dragon fruit, it is advisable to consume them in the form of juice. You can also add low-fat milk into it. Dragon fruit contains a natural fiber that can overcome the problem of defecation commonly experienced by pregnant women. In addition, young pregnant women who require vitamin B1 in greater numbers, and dragon fruit can fulfill this purpose.

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