Efficacy of watermelon for a healthy heart

It was sweet, juicy and very refreshing, especially when taken in the middle of a hot day. Watermelon is commonly consumed as a dessert fruit, or the fruit mixture in the ice. In addition to refreshing, watermelon turns out to have many benefits for health.

Based on the research, watermelon is known as the fruit contains many beneficial nutrients that are very good for the human body. No matter watermelon local, red, yellow, round, or oval, everything is equally beneficial.

Efficacy of watermelon for a healthy heart

Watermelon reduces high blood pressure. One of which will be discussed at this time is about the efficacy of watermelon to maintain a healthy heart. According to the study, eating watermelon is very good for reducing high blood pressure. As you know that high blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Watermelon dilate veins. Research conducted in Florida – USA is a compound found in watermelon are able to help widen and relax veins. This greatly helps the heart do not work too hard to pump blood throughout the body. The compound called citrulline. And these compounds can be found in all types of watermelon, especially the yellow watermelon.

Watermelon lowers cholesterol levels. In another study in the UK, the researchers used mice as an experimental lab. They provide high cholesterol foods in some rats. Then some of the mice given watermelon juice intake each day. As a result, the rats were getting watermelon juice intake has decreased the amount of bad cholesterol significantly in their blood. The mice were also seen more active and healthier than mice not given watermelon juice.

From these results the researchers concluded that this also applies to humans. High cholesterol levels are one of the causes of heart attacks. Therefore, the efficacy of watermelon for a healthy heart can be ruled out as an exciting information. Eat watermelon up to the whites, because of high levels of citrulline are found in that section.

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