Foods that should be avoided in patients with asthma

Foods that should be avoided in patients with asthma. Asthma is a situation where people who have difficulty breathing because the airways are narrowed due to hyperactivity to certain stimuli, which cause inflammation, narrowing of the cavity in the lungs or respiratory tract, and is usually temporary.

Asthma is a chronic inflammation disease of the airways that causes increased hiperesponsif airway and cause recurrent episodic symptoms, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing, especially at night before the early morning. These symptoms occur related to airway obstruction vast, varied and often is reversible.

Healing asthma, Foods to avoid by asthma, causes of asthma

Asthma is often caused by an allergy to something. Inflammation, overly emotional and mental stress can increase an asthma attack. The cool air, the smell of gasoline, the smell of a painted and smoke can also cause asthma attacks. Usually in patients with asthma, the frequency and severity of asthma attacks varies.

Some people more often free of symptoms and only experience shortness of breath attacks are brief and light, which can occur at any time. There are also other patients almost always have cough and wheezing and had a great attack after a viral infection, exercise, or after exposure to allergens or irritants. Crying or laughing hard can also cause symptoms and often prolonged cough, especially at night or in cold weather.

The causes of asthma

Usually in asthma, this is due to the narrowing of airways in response to stimuli in the lungs. In normal conditions will not affect the respiratory tract. But this constriction can make people hard to breathe when triggered by various stimuli, such as pollen, dust, animal dander, smoke, cold air and exercise, so that the smooth muscle of the bronchi have seizures and the tissue that lines the airways have swollen due to inflammation and the release of mucus into the airways.

Foods to avoid by asthma patient

  • Shrimp; Frozen shrimp also contain sulfites. Sulfites are used as additives to prevent the appearance of black spots on shrimp. It would be better if you eat fresh shrimp. Although it may be more expensive, but will make the asthma sufferers feel better in the long run.
  • Potatoes; Foods such as french fries and dehydrated potatoes also contain sulfites, so beware. Menu potatoes can be replaced with a healthier menu with baked sweet potato or baked potato with added the olive oil.
  • Dried fruit or vegetables; In addition to dried fruits such as raisins, pineapple, apricots and cranberries, other foods that should be avoided are maraschino cherries and guacamole, meals made from basic ingredients avocado, coupled with lemon and salt.
  • Artificial lemon juice; Drinking lemon original is much better than artificial lemon. Although a bit inconvenient, but it feels more fresh and asthma sufferers can breathe more easily.

Healing asthma using medication chemical or herbal medicine into a person’s actions must be performed at a time when a person suffering from the disease and wanted healing. Of course many ways or methods used in the treatment process, some of which take medication through the expertise of doctors to chemical drugs, there is also through the therapist.¬†However, treatment should be done is a natural treatment by drinking herbal / natural, so avoid negative effects in the treatment process.

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