How the selection formula milk on allergy sufferers

How the selection formula milk on allergy sufferers. Giving milk is a problem in patients with cow’s milk allergy. To determine choice the cow’s milk on allergy sufferers is hydrolysates extensive milk. But some patients can tolerate soy milk. Often errors occur that every child has the signs and symptoms allergies advised the milk protein partial hydrolysate.

Though the milk only for prevention of allergy, not to cow’s milk allergy sufferers. But indeed some infants with mild allergy symptoms can consume milk protein partial hydrolysate. Although the actual milk for prevention of allergy and not for treatment.

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Ensuring cow’s milk allergy is not easy because in certain circumstances allergy tests such as skin tests or blood tests can not be sure. Ensuring cow’s milk allergy should Challenge test or elimination provocation. This makes often happens overdiagnosis or difference of opinion among the doctors in determining the conditions of cow’s milk allergy in children or infants.

In clinical and laboratory often difficult to ensure child is allergic to cow’s milk. Because in certain circumstances check for allergies such as skin tests and blood tests are not able to confirm the presence of allergy to cow’s milk or not. It is not easy to determine the selection of the best milk for the child. Often difficult to ascertain whether a person is allergic or intolerant to cow’s milk or react to certain content from existing content in the milk.

In dealing with such cases, patients are given extensively hydrolyzed milk. If allergy symptoms improved formula is then performed consecutive provocations that more risky as soya, partial hydrolysate and infant formula that contains a minimum of AA, DHA, palm oil and so on.

The most appropriate formula that does not cause interference. If symptoms develop in one formula, we must choose a safer formula one level above it. If partial hydrolysate milk and soya problems arise, it must be done provocation to milk lactose.

Cause of milk allergy in children

The cause of the mismatch to formula milk can be caused by the intersection of food reactions can be due to allergic reactions or non-allergic reactions. Cow’s milk allergy is a collection of symptoms that affect many organs and body systems caused by an allergy to cow’s milk. Hypersensitivity reactions to cow’s milk protein with the involvement of the immune system mechanisms.

Allergies to milk formula containing cow’s milk protein is a situation where someone has a system that abnormal immune reaction to the protein found in cow’s milk. Baby’s immune system will fight the protein found in cow’s milk so that the symptoms of an allergic reaction will appear. Non-allergic reactions or reaction food intersections that do not involve mechanisms of the immune system known as intolerance. Intolerance may occur mismatch to lactose, gluten or certain types of fats.

Reaction intersection of food is because the mismatch some content in milk formula. Could occur due to a mismatch of the content of cow’s milk protein (casein), lactose, gluten, dyes, fragrance flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, honey, etc.), lipid composition, content of DHA, corn oil, palm oil and so on.

Symptoms of milk allergy in children

Disorders due to incompatibility could arise due to milk formula quick reactions or the onset of symptoms for less than 8 hours. In the slow reaction or new symptoms arise after more than 8 hours, or sometimes arise complaint after drinking milk 5 or 7 days. Signs and symptoms of incompatibility formula or milk allergy is similar to food allergies. Allergic disorders can interfere with all the organs of the body, especially the digestive, skin, respiratory tract and other organs.

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