How to care for and protect hair from chlorine hazards

How to care hair

Pools usually contain certain chemicals in high levels, especially chlorine, to keep the water free from viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, high levels of chlorine can adversely affect the hair. Oxidizing agent in the chlorine can remove hair moisture, making it dry, brittle, easily broken, and the edges are branched.

How to care for and protect hair from chlorine hazards. One of the most annoying thing is after swimming hair becomes stiff and rough due to the chlorine in the pool water. How to best to protect your beautiful hair from damage?

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Wetting the hair, dry hair acts like a sponge that comes in contact with moisture. Strands of hair absorb the moisture quickly and deeply. So, the best way to protect your hair before swimming is to wet hair thoroughly using water that does not contain chlorine.

That way, thea hair will absorb water sfe. In addition, it helps if you get out of the pool every 30 minutes to rinse hair with chlorine-free water. It is useful to keep the hair against chlorine saturation point up to a maximum point, especially if you intend to swim in a long time.

Conditioner, another way to protect hair from chlorine danger is coating with a thin wash of conditioner or oil before swimming. Apply a little conditioner, baby oil, coconut oil, or olive oil to the hair before entering the pool. The oil will repel water and seal the hair shaft cuticle, by acting as a barrier between the water chlorinated with hair.

Wear swimming cap, perhaps the easiest way to avoid hair damage caused by chlorine is to wear swimming cap. Headgear made ??of rubber that will keep hair safe from the chemicals in the pools.

Wash your hair after every swim, be sure to immediately rinse the hair using a warm water for three to five minutes. After that, wash hair thoroughly with shampoo. Dry your hair with a towel, apply a conditioner, then use a wide-toothed comb to flatten it to the entire strand of hair.

Caring for the hair to avoid hair from the dangers of chlorine in swimming pools. These tips are summarized by from various reliable sources websites. May be useful for you.

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