How to cure toothaches that caused by dental cavities

How to cure toothaches that caused by dental cavities. Toothache is caused by dental cavities or often called tooth decay. It can happen because of certain bacteria that produce lactic acid from fermented carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose so that causes cavities.

Dental cavities caused by the meeting between the bacteria and sugar. Bacteria will convert sugar from food scraps into acids that cause tooth to become acidic environment (environment teeth should be alkaline) and acid is what ultimately makes a small hole in the tooth enamel.

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When a hole occurs on tooth enamel, we have not felt a toothache. However, a small hole in the next email may be slit remaining food and the bacteria will make the hole bigger the punching holes in dentin. At this time we will feel the pains of the teeth while eating. If allowed, the hole will be up to the nerves so that our will start to feel the toothache. This process will not stop until eventually the teeth become exhausted and the only remaining tooth root.

Overcome toothache on cavities

Overcome cavities can be resolved by patching teeth when the hole is not too big. While pulling teeth is a step which will generally be taken dentist. However, if you still feel the pain of the teeth, the fillings can not be done directly because the gas in the tooth can not get out. The doctor will give you painkillers or will turn off the tooth nerve so that we do not suffer with the pain.

If the hole is too big and does not allow to be patched, the tooth must be removed. Just as the process of patching teeth, the teeth can not be immediately revoked when the teeth still hurt. It is caused when we feel a toothache, then the anesthesia drugs can not penetrate the roots of the teeth, so that when teeth removed will cause tremendous pain.

The process of tooth extraction can only be done when a tooth is not painful and to relieve pain doctors will kill tooth nerve. On subsequent visits made after the pain had cured on tooth, the tooth will be cleaned and patched temporarily, permanently will done on my next visit again.

Dental cavities can not heal by itself. Although, possibly after suffering a toothache, the pain may disappear but do not improve the state of your teeth. Teeth will remain hollow, even the hole will keep getting bigger. Toothache can not be ignored, because it can make the teeth becomes swollen and inflamed. Additionally cavities can be a means of channel entry of germs into the bloodstream that can cause kidney disease, lung, heart and other diseases.

In order not getting worse, so if you have dental cavities you should immediately visit a dentist to treat it. Although many people do not like going to the dentist with a reason not care about the state of your teeth, worried about high costs, fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed because of crooked teeth, but going to the dentist is the best solution to overcome toothache and dental cavities.

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