How to get rid of cradle cap on baby scalp naturally

How to get rid of cradle cap on baby scalp naturally? Almost the same as scalp peeling treatment on newborn. Newborns usually still have a cradle cap on his forehead. This cradle cap will indeed peel naturally, into thin pieces like dandruff if it is drying out. But this will make the baby’s head itch.

The main cause of cradle cap because there is still a hormone content of the mother in the baby’s body. Fortunately, cradle cap is only temporary, which will disappear naturally as the mother’s hormone levels decrease in the baby’s body. This skin disorder may last until the baby is 8 to 12 months old.

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How to get rid of cradle cap on baby scalp

So how to get rid of cradle cap on baby’s head? Be careful of the infection when you do cradle cap treatment. Otherwise, infections may occur on the baby’s scalp. Do not forcefully remove cradle cap while dry, let alone do with your fingers because it can hurt baby’s scalp, and cause the risk of infection.

How to treatment for cradle cap on baby scalp

Warm water; Use warm water to soften the cradle cap that is still attached to the baby’s scalp, most of the cradle cap is still thick and tend to be a little hard, so the use of warm water can be used to slightly help soften the hardened cradle cap. After a while, try drying baby’s scalp.

Baby oil; Baby oil can help get rid of cradle cap on baby’s scalp if warm water use can not soften cradle cap that has been hardened or too thick, just use baby oil on the surface of the scalp by hand or soft cotton, then given a little massage.

Haircut; If baby oil to the entire surface of this hair has difficulty, there is no harm in cutting baby’s hair. Maybe some parents regretted this action, but by cutting hair, the cradle cap will be lifted without having to get caught in the hair and causing baby hair to be uprooted.

Soft brush or washlap; If the baby’s hair is not cut, use a soft brush like a combing movement to lift a cradle cap that has been softened by warm water or baby oil use. But if the baby has been shaved his hair, use a soft washlap by rubbing the scalp from front to back while doing massage.

Wash; After cleaning cradle cap, immediately wash baby’s scalp using baby shampoo and warm water. Scalp wash using enough washlap and should not be flushed because it can trigger a sense of shock in the baby and make her cry.

Baby oil to get rid of cradle cap on baby scalp

How to get rid of cradle cap on baby scalp using baby oil? Massage your baby’s scalp gently using baby oil. The oil will make the cradle cap fade and easily lifted. After that release the cradle cap slowly and not to be forced because it can cause pain and irritation of the scalp of the baby.

Another way to get rid of cradle cap on a baby’s scalp using baby oil. Let stand for the night and on the next morning, wash your baby’s hair using a special shampoo baby or shampoo for cradle cap and warm water. Use a special hairbrush for babies who have soft fur so clean the cradle cap pieces on baby’s hair.

How to get rid of cradle cap using olive oil

Olive oil is home remedies for get rid of cradle cap naturally. American family doctors use olive oil for care baby’s scalp from crust. The moisturizing and healing properties of olive oil can help soften and release scaly flakes. In addition, olive oil is good for your baby’s skin.

  1. Warm a little olive oil.
  2. Gently massage the oil onto the scalp of your baby during sleep.
  3. Leave it overnight.
  4. In the morning, use a soft baby brush or cloth to clean any loose scalp bits.
  5. Wash your baby’s hair with baby shampoo and warm water.
  6. Repeat every day, depending on conditions.

Shave hair on the baby to make it easier in cleaning the cradle cap. When cradle cap is thickened and hard, do not always wash baby’s hair every time bathe. Because it can cause dryness of the scalp, which ultimately speed up inflammation. Do not also impose the crust peeled because it can cause skin irritation.

How long does cradle cap last? Keep your baby’s scalp less moist by perspiration or water, as it may cause cradle cap not to dry out immediately and break into pieces like dandruff. In addition, the scalp is too moist by sweat or water, can trigger the itching due to the pores of the scalp clogged by a thick cradle cap and harden.

If all attempts to get rid of cradle cap on a baby’s scalp have not been successful, medication interventions that suppress the production of oil glands are necessary. Especially when the top of the head is red and yellow liquid is a bit oily. Usually it has been said inflammation, so it can no longer be overcome with home remedies. Immediately take it to the doctor to get treatment for a cradle cap on baby’s scalp.

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