How to straighten hair naturally and fast

Straighten hair naturally

How to straighten hair naturally and fast. Straight hair and long is the desire of women. Straight hair, long and healthy it can emit an aura that looks more white faces, so many of today’s modern woman doing complete care from head to toe. But most of the women who are impatient to seek treatment models almost instantaneous. One example to straighten hair, women tend to use a tool or a drug that would ruin the beauty of hair permanently.

There are also women who wear wigs. These are all in an effort to show the image naturally straight hair to support their daily lives. To avoid hair damage, should the women perform the famous traditional treatments are safer and result in healthier hair. Straighten hair naturally does take a long time and should be consistent no small cost.

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If so, these young women and mothers can perform self-care of a lot of materials around us. With low prices, straighten hair naturally and quickly felt the result was worth a try.

Tips that can be done to straighten hair naturally

Freshly squeezed lemon juice and coconut milk. Combine coconut milk glass with half a glass of lemon juice mix well then set aside a mixture of the two materials by cooling in the fridge, wait until slightly thickened like cream. After a mixture of coconut milk and lemon juice thickens enough to splash it on your hair evenly.

By the time the process was a good idea to splash it cream are while massaging your scalp, after feeling pretty flat you can cover your head with a shower cap use. After a closed set aside to dry hair, wait for about an hour and then rinse your hair. Thus some tips and how to straighten hair naturally and fast results.

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