Internal factors that affect employee performance

Employee performance

Work achievement is composed of two words, namely ‘achievement’ and ‘work’. Achievement is defined as the results of a process, activity or activities. While significant work activities create or accomplish something. So the employees’ performance is the result obtained from certain activities related to principal tasks performed by employees.

Internal factors that affect employee performance

Discipline; Discipline means orderly, either acts and time. Discipline in time and acts greatly affect employee performance or achievements. Disciplined acts, affect the performance or achievements of the employee in the form of quality. While the discipline of time will improve employee performance or achievements of the quantity.

individual intelligence of employee, affect employee performance, achievements of the employee in the form of quality

Employees who discipline adhere to standard operational procedures (SOP) will produce quality work and tidy in accordance with the standard of work desired by the company. While employees who adhere to a disciplined work, then the quantity of their work will be much better. So the mental discipline contributed to improve performance or achievements of the employee concerned.

Motivation; Motivation is a strong incentive to carry out the work as well as possible. Or simply put, motivation is often interpreted as a high morale. The work is done with high motivation will feel lighter and far from stress. The result was much better in quality and quantity.

The motivation is derived from a person. Given this motivation then someone will try to do things in accordance with what is in the motivation. With a strong motivation from self an employee to be able to carry out their duties properly then an employee will give optimal performance and maximum.

Intelligence; Other internal factors that greatly affect the performance or achievements of the employee is the individual intelligence. Employees who are intelligent will easily understand the SOP task given to him. This will minimize the error in the work, so that the work can be completed properly in accordance with the standards set by the company.

Indeed, each person has a level of intelligence that is different. With a high level of intelligence possessed by an employee that he would be quicker to catch every explained to him. So it would be faster to run it.

Responsibility; Responsibility is one of the properties that must be owned by an employee. Employees who are responsible will try to do any task assigned to him properly and on time.

Responsibility can be started with the self-awareness tasks assigned to him. Accompanied by high responsibility that has arisen in him then there will be a hefty effort to complete the tasks and work.

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