Obesity at risk of birth a baby is susceptible to disease

Obesity at risk of birth

Obesity at risk of birth a baby is susceptible to disease | dmatxi.com. In this article dmatxi.com will discuss about the risk of obesity in children will be born. Obesity is a condition of excess weight body. Obesity has many adverse effects on health. The existing risk is doubled if obesity occurs in pregnant women. In addition at risk for the pregnant women growth, the condition of obesity itself make the effort to become pregnant be more difficult than inĀ female with ideal weight.

Obesity defined as a trigger generative diseases such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Besides disease, obesity are also closely related to several other diseases, including infertility. One factor of obesity is an imbalance of energy intake and energy output. When the consumption of excessive food then energy intake is high, and vice versa. Conditions were much happening at the moment is a downward trend in physical activity due to technological advances. Ironically, the diet with calorie and high fat foods is increasing.

risk obesity of birth a baby, risk of obesity in pregnant women

Obesity at risk of birth a baby is susceptible to disease

Categorized as obese women are encouraged to consult with an obstetrician since start planning a pregnancy. In addition to talk about all the risks and the development of pregnancy, the obstetrician will provide solutions and to monitor weight gain and its impact on the fetus. Obese women who decide to get pregnant are required to perform routine control. Because the more at risk for diabetes, pre eclampsia, abnormal (defects) and the possibility of fetal miscarriage.

Based on research, about 10 percent of pregnant women who have difficulties caused by PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). In the case of the symptoms of PCOS are irregularities that affected the monthly cycle hormonal instability because obesity. Women with the dangers of obesity is not impossible to contain, usually can be helped with medical measures such as artificial insemination or IVF insemination to get pregnant.

One more proof of why pregnant women need to exercise and keep your calorie intake, because a study showed that babies born to women who are overweight (obese) requiring intensive care. These babies are also more susceptible to damage nerve tube. The results of these studies compared women with normal weight women with a body mass index (BMI) higher, babies born to women with high BMI at greater risk of impaired growth. Although the operation was the removal of fat can increase the health and fertility of obese women, but it is not advisable to perform the operation.

The committee recommends that women maintain their weight by looking at the number of calories consumed before they become pregnant. Women who are overweight potentially exposed to various diseases, including the risk of infertility (infertile) and problems during pregnancy, high blood pressure and diabetes. At the time of childbirth, women who are obese are more in need of caesarean section. A study found that overweight women who spend more during pregnancy and requires a lot of time for recovery in the hospital after delivery.

Thus women who are obese are advised to change your lifestyle and diet to achieve an ideal weight limit. Women with ideal body weight (not obesity) will improve the quality of the fetus. That’s some explanation from dmatxi.com about the risk factors of obesity, may be useful.

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