Techniques of anesthesia in childbirth

Techniques of anesthesia in childbirth. Childbirth without pain not only by cesarean section. Pain during childbirth is one of the reasons for choosing a cesarean section. There are other alternatives that can be done to avoid pain. It has long been done, but not too familiar, other words this program is Painless labor. Painless labor is a normal delivery but not accompanied pain. This can be done by involving the anesthetist at during childbirth.

The benefits of childbirth without pain is a feeling of calm when undergoing the process of childbirth. Every thing there must be consequences that arise, on the birth process is sometimes arise itching, nausea, vomiting, and decreased blood pressure. Although this is very rare but it is important for communication between the mother and the doctor.

anesthesia in childbirth, Epidural anesthesia technique, Intrathecal Labor Analgesia techniques

There are many techniques that can be selected for in childbirth. Technique of anesthesia consists into two types namely epidural anesthesia techniques and Intrathecal Labor Analgesia techniques (ILA). It is better to pregnant women understand this childbirth technique for reducing the concerns ahead of childbirth as well as the knowledge base so that when the technique is practiced mother really ready for it.

Epidural anesthesia technique

In epidural anesthesia technique, nerve that responding the major pain temporarily disabled. This technique is done by injecting the hip area to put such a small catheter as a pathway epidural anesthesia. However, the pelvic muscle can still do a movement contraction and mother still can push. That way, she can still do childbirth through the birth canal. Anesthetic effect lasts only a few hours, usually less than four hours. Therefore this technique is usually performed over the opening five.

Intrathecal Labor Analgesia techniques (ILA)

While the ILA anesthesia techniques, practice is similar to an epidural, which is injected in the nerves, but the ILA is usually given at the opening is above 4 cm, so at the beginning of your labor still feel the contractions. This technique can reduce pain in pregnant about 2-4 hours. If this ILA effect is reduced before childbirth is complete, it will usually do repeat injections to avoid pain.

Technique ILA almost no side effects. The dosage was also much less so that did not disturb the condition of the mother and baby during childbirth. ILA also did not affect the ability to push.

 That must be considered before making epidural or ILA technique

  • Consult with your obstetrician in the third trimester of pregnancy to possibility of giving anesthesia.
  • Make sure the baby is in a normal condition.
  • Make sure your blood pressure and heart normal.
  • Check a consent form for the use of ILA or epidural.

Childbirth without pain should be done at a hospital that has a full operating room so that if something happens during this process can be quickly handled. For this childbirth cost is more expensive, but when compared with cesarean section is much cheaper. But due to lack of knowledge about childbirth without pain for now.

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