Benefits of eating eggs for a healthy body

Eating eggs for a healthy

Benefits of eating eggs for a healthy body | In this article will discuss about the health benefits of eggs, either as breakfast. Chicken eggs are foods we can eat directly or through the process beforehand.

Started the morning by eating eggs may be an option for those who want to keep feeling full longer. The protein in eggs is known to make a full stomach than the protein in wheat.

Benefits of eating eggs, eating eggs for breakfast, eating eggs for health

Diet with high quality protein can increase satiety. To find long-term effects of the habit of having breakfast with eggs to weight loss it needs to be studied further. But at least the eating eggs can be a healthy breakfast alternative for those who want a practical and healthy breakfast.

Benefits of eating eggs for healthy body

  • Keeping hungry stomach is not fast; For those who want to lose weight, eating eggs will keep the stomach feel full longer, so do not feel hungry quickly.
  • Improve brain power; Eggs contain choline, an essential compound needed for fetal brain development in the womb. Pregnant women who consume 550 mg of choline each day will give birth to a baby with a stronger memory.

The benefits of eating eggs for breakfast

  • Prevent blindness in the elderly; Benefits of eating eggs for breakfast can prevent blindness in the elderly. The so-called which contain lots of cholesterol content of egg yolk have another very important that the compounds lutein. If taken regularly, lutein may improve eye health and prevent various kinds of blindness that is triggered by the aging process.
  • Maintain a healthy heart; Benefits eating eggs for breakfast is to maintain heart health. As long as they are not consumed in excess, cholesterol content in egg yolk will not harm the heart and veins. In contrast, both the fat content is high in Omega 3 eggs can actually improve blood circulation and improve overall brain function.

Provide nutrients for younger and did not order the skin wrinkles, women need 45g/day protein intake, while men need 55g/day. 2 eggs are able to meet more than a third of the protein needs of women, or nearly a third of the protein requirement in men.

In addition to beauty, chicken eggs can used as a reliever in the prominent eye bags, shrink pores, tighten skin, moisturize the skin, reducing inflammation of the skin, dry hair cope, cope with damage to the hair and so forth. Yes as usual to deal with how to apply it on top, but sometimes there are also other ingredients are mixed so it is more useful again.

Eggs are not only healthy foods, but also famous because it contains high animal protein. Protein content of many beneficial for health. The content of lutein in egg yolk antioxidants beneficial for the eyes against damage to the retina. Egg yolks can also improve memory because it provides 300 micrograms of choline.

Eating eggs also were able to prevent urinary tract infections. Egg whites as a protein that binds to the harmful E.coli bacteria, and prevent it attached to the wall of the urinary tract.

Several studies have shown that eggs can increase the body’s protection against stroke and heart attack. In addition to healthful, eggs also proved effective health care for hair and nails. Because the intake of eggs to provide sulfur, vitamins and minerals.¬†Eating eggs can also help improve memory.

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