Solutions to Remove Body Odor, Remove Body Odor without Deodorant, eliminate bad odor naturally, natural methods to get rid of body odor

Best Solutions to Remove Body Odor without Deodorant

Best solutions to remove body odor without using deodorant. From various social problems that come from appearance, body odor is one of the most problematic ones. No matter how beautiful your face or how cool your getup is, people will have immediate bad impression if you have body odor.

Deodorant is usually the simplest solution to solve the problem, but sometimes it is not enough. Many people have really bad odor problem that even using deodorant every day cannot solve it. So what’s the best solution to stop body odor without deodorant? Solve the problem from the inside.

Solutions to Remove Body Odor, Remove Body Odor without Deodorant, eliminate bad odor naturally, natural methods to get rid of body odor

What Causes Body Odor?

Before solving the problem, you must know what cause body odor. Naturally, it is caused by the work of bacteria combined with sweat (this is why areas like armpits, crotches and the inside of your shoes emanate the worst odor).

However, there are also people who suffer from odor problem because of hormonal changes, such as during teenage years, or when menstruating. There are also people who got bad odor from bad diet or consuming certain antibiotics that have bad odor as side effects.

However, sometimes the problem is not that easy. Many people suffer from body odor because of metabolism problem, such as trimethylaminuria, a condition in which the body cannot naturally break down a chemical compound called trimethylamine.

This condition makes so many people emanate really bad odor, even likened to rotten fish. This condition can affect social and work life. So, how to solve it without having to depend on deodorant every day? Picking the method that suits your condition the best.

Solving Bad Odor without Deodorant

Here are some good ways of removing body odor without using deodorant every day:

  • Have a regular bath twice a day, every day. Make sure you use soap or shower gel with moisturizer so you will not risk drying out your skin. Unlike what commercials tell you, regular soap can do the job as good as anti bacterial soap, as long as you clean the body well. Use body scrub once a week and scrub areas such as armpits, behind your knees, feet and under your thighs well.
  • Try to reduce animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products in your daily diet as well as onions and garlic. They are foods that can boost the production of trimethylamine, reducing the body’s ability to properly break it down. Switch to more vegetables, fruits, fish and legumes for a while.
  • Wear clothes from breathable materials, and always wash clothes that have been too sweaty.
  • Use natural deodorants at home several times in a week; apply tea tree oil that has been diluted to your armpit and under the feet after taking a bath, preferably right before you go to sleep. You can also ‘eat’ natural deodorizer by chewing some parsley or taking chlorophyll supplements after each meal.
  • Sprinkle some baby powder or corn starch inside your shoes (if you do not wear socks). It will help reducing odor from your feet.

How to eliminate bad odor naturally? Try these natural methods to get rid of body odor every day, and see how your problem reduced after several weeks. If you continue having body odor problem, you may want to contact your doctor.

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