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Health benefits of fresh lemon juice

Benefits of lemon juice. The combination of sour and sweet taste is very suitable to serve fresh drinks to drink. Especially if served cold, it turns out the benefits of lemon juice for health quite a lot. Keep in mind, lemons contain citric acid to 5 percent and a fruit rich in vitamin C and vitamin B.

In addition, lemon also contains minerals, carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and riboflavin. Not only that, a lemon is also often used as additives of various foods. To get the best benefits for health, you can squeeze a lemon mixed with water and will be a refreshing and healthy drink. Here are some health benefits of lemons.

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Health benefits of lemon juice

– For the health of the stomach, a lemon can help relieve indigestion when mixed with hot water. Among them are heartburn, nausea and parasites. Lemon also acts as a blood purifier. Lemon juice can also cure constipation. Not only that, lemon juice also plays a role as a liver tonic and helps the liver produce more bile.

– Taking care of the skin, lemon can also be a natural antiseptic medicine which serves to cure skin problems. Consuming lemon juice every day can make your skin appear healthier and younger. Lemon is also useful for removing blackheads and wrinkles and can treat burns by putting a lemon in the wound.

– Good for teeth. Lemon juice can be beneficial to treat and cure toothache, how to attach a fresh lemon on your teeth are sore. In addition, lemon juice can also stop bleeding gums and bad breath.

– Cure throat infection. Lemon juice is also beneficial for relieving throat infections and tonsillitis caused by bacteria. Gargling with lemon juice will help cure it.

– Controlling blood pressure. Lemon juice also can be heart healthy, high potassium content in the fruit juice can be useful for controlling high blood pressure, and reduce the effects of nausea, dizziness and stress or depression.

– Blood purifier. Lemon juice have a role as a blood purifier, so it can cure cholera and malaria. Drinking lemon juice of one to two for two times a day will be beneficial to cleanse the blood.

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